Never Say These Things To Your Kids

Considering the stressful times that we live in, you might often have lost your temper as a parent during a heated argument with your kid and ended up saying ignoble things. If you frequently find yourself cursing and swearing at your children when you strongly feel that they’re being disrespectful towards you or when you’re irate with them, then you’re in good company. You’d be hard put to find a mother or father either young or old, who’d be able to claim that he or she never badmouthed his or her children or used strong words during their parenthood years.

The very fact that it’s quite tough or rather impossible to remain impassive or detached while your kid is shouting at you or arguing with you on equal terms, reminds you that you’re human. Most parents have trouble coming to terms with the reality that parenting or upbringing children is not what it used to be when they themselves were kids. Children, these days, are not only more intemperate and rude but given to frequent sporadic outbursts with their parents as well.

It is not uncommon for many children these days to even abuse their parents in front of others and not feel remorseful about the entire episode. You find it quite hard to restrain yourself when your kid is speaking to you in a discourteous manner or using foul language. During such overheated moments, the emotions just seem to get the better of you and you say stupid things in an agitated state for which you really lament later on.

However, you cannot always blame your kids or point an accusing finger at them for losing your temper and uttering inappropriate words or making remarks that can hurt them deeply. Oftentimes, as a parent, you too commit blunders while dealing with your children because on some days you could feel upset or utterly drained. You’re as human as any other parent or your child and so it’s quite natural on your part to have mood swings and lose your cool occasionally.

Nonetheless, as a parent, you can’t always allow the situation to get out of control and find yourself saying things for which rue no end later on. So, the next time you see your kid arguing with you or find yourself getting irate over an issue, just maintain your equanimity and Never Say These Things To Your Kids. This, of course, is not an exhaustive listing as there are innumerable other remarks that you should abstain from uttering when you find yourself in the midst of a verbal spat with your kid. Just think twice before you say something and don’t get carried away.

Never Say These Things To Your Kids

  1. That’s simply preposterous! I don’t see any point in being upset about such a petty or trivial issue.
  2. Just look at your elder brother. He excels in almost anything he does. You’re just good for nothing.
  3. Tell me of an instance when you have done things the right way? You’re just a born loser.
  4. You’ve just taken to your father. Why don’t you imbibe the ways of your elder sister?
  5. You’re simply following in the footsteps of your father. Change your ways before it’s too late.
  6. I’m simply fed up with you.
  7. I’ve just had enough of you.
  8. Just get out of my sight. I simply can’t stand tolerate your standing in front of me and arguing with me.
  9. You’re simply a disgrace to the entire family.
  10. You certainly could have tried harder.
  11. When you’re not capable of doing things by yourselves why don’t you listen to your parents’ suggestions?
  12. You should not be seen hanging around or socializing with Peter. Think about your family’s reputation.
  13. So what if you’ve got the highest marks in mathematics in your class? It’s not a big deal. You’re not even ranked in the top ten.
  14. What’s the matter with you?
  15. You won’t be able to imagine how much I hate you.
  16. You’re simply hopeless.
  17. I don’t like to accompany you anywhere. You cause so much embarrassment wherever you go.
  18. You’re not half as intelligent as you make out to be.
  19. If I see you doing that again, I’ll just skin you alive.
  20. I wish you were not my kid.
  21. I wish your were not born to me.
  22. Do you realize that your mother left us because of you?
  23. When will you stop embarrassing in front of others?
  24. How stupid can you get?
  25. I would have disowned, if I had a choice.
  26. You’re just a liability to me.
  27. You simply don’t matter to me anymore.
  28. You’re going to lose me for good if you don’t mend your ways.
  29. I won’t have anything to do with you anymore if you don’t start doing things my way.
  30. I don’t like coming down to see you play.
  31. When will you stop dreaming and become more realistic?
  32. You’ve made this sketch? I simply didn’t have any idea you were so bad at drawing.
  33. I don’t see the point of your being so innovative or creative. I don’t hope you’ll be able to make a living out of it.
  34. Do you want your dad to walk out on me?
  35. Oh my God! I just recollected that you turned sixteen yesterday.
  36. Will you remained tied to your mother’s apron strings forever?
  37. I wish I could forgive you for your misdeeds.
  38. When will you ever grow up?
  39. I simply don’t care about what you do.
  40. I don’t think I can help you right now. You can see that I am busy with my work.
  41. I don’t even feel like introducing you as my son/daughter. I’m sure you understand why.
  42. You’re surely going to regret your entire life what you’ve done today.

Never Say Anything To Your Children Which You May Rue Later On

As a parent, you have a hold over your kid(s), psychologically speaking, in ways that you often have a tendency to forget, particularly when they seem to get on your nerves. Obviously, you’re not the only parent to experience such a problem. Nevertheless, it is very important for you to not get overly and overtly emotional whenever you end up having a frenzied conversation or argument with your kid.

Be very cautious about what comes out of your mouth during such a situation. You should also do well to remember that the manner in which you make the remarks has a grave impact on you kid as much as your wordings. You can never take back the hurtful remarks that you say to your children.

The next time when you see your temper rising during an impassioned argument, try breathing slowly and take deep breaths. Taking deep breaths will help you to soothe your frayed nerves. Moreover, try to change your approach whenever you have a squabble with your children. Remember a spat is not a battle or a war that you’ve to win.

If your child is being disobedient to you or has done something wrong, don’t try to reason with him or her by deliberately using words that might sound harsh or bitter to him.  That way you’d only be adding fuel to the fire. If your kid disobeys you or rejects outright your request to get something done, then don’t get overexcited and say anything spiteful or upsetting at the heat of the moment. It’s best to hold your tongue and keep quiet during such moments. Try to explain things to your child and reason with him or her when the situation returns to normalcy.

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