Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Jobs bring in money; jobs even bring in security. But, some jobs are such that they possess dangers to your life. It may seem an ordinary job while looking at it but, when you actually go into performing them you would feel the dangers surrounding you. People say it is a layman’s job but, even a layman’s job could be dangerous. It is not just joining the defense or being a police official that creates dangers in your life. Your life is threatened even by these small odd jobs that need no degree or certificate while performing them. The fatality rates in these odd jobs are found to be more than a defense job. Yes, they may not be high profile but get a decent enough remuneration at the end of the day. Some of these jobs would be listed as high paying jobs but, then the dangers surrounding it needs to be curbed for lives.

Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

1. Fighting the Fire

This is a taken for granted job but needs presence in the list of most dangerous jobs in the world. A fire fighter as most of them are called rush in to protect the people who are getting burnt in the fire. In the process these fighters don’t really worry much about themselves. They try to stop the fire and, get the people out before any causality occurs. Most thankless job on this earth yet, if they were not there many of you would be dying in your beds while the house is on fire. These people live on fire literally. They are always ready to give up on their lives. They may die saving people’s lives but who really cares. This kind of job is really dangerous yet, it is one of those jobs which bring pride in your face.

2. Piloting the Plane

Many of you may have heard of accidents that occur while a plane is in the air. This could be due to the fuel engine running out of fuel or probably because of the bad weather conditions. They suffer all the while fighting these conditions and ensuring their passengers are safe. Many a times a pilot dies trying to save his passengers. Yes, the amount reimbursed in case of any sort of causality is high. In fact, the salary being paid for this death trap job is also very lucrative. But, truly is any amount equivalent to a life lost? No and, this is the reason why a pilot’s job, though very interesting is considered to be the most dangerous job on this earth.

3. Log the Block

The people who do the logging work are called layman or, the job is called an odd job. But, the amount of fatality this job faces each year is really high. They get close to 32k dollars every year for this work, this is an average salary. But, the work they do is really tough and dangerous. The weather conditions and the strain that performing this job requires one to carry makes this a tough job. Even during heavy winds and stormy atmosphere, the logging worker has to cut his piece of log and pick it through the dense forests. The weather conditions and this strenuous activity makes the logging worker’s job a bit dangerous. There are chances of his losing his life when that log falls on him or, maybe if the weather condition beats him down.

4. Roofers Dangers

Another odd job by the day that makes it difficult for people to understand the dangers facing it! While a person is on the roof fixing it or maybe replacing it, you may see that the weather plays a dangerous role here. Imagine touching the roof when it is really hot and, ask yourself how would that person be doing that. Another thankless job this one is. But, more than the hot roof and getting burnt, there are other dangers that attract attention. What if the person fixing the roof falls off it? This could be a real danger touching in. Such is the job of the roofer, though very minimal and basically skill oriented, it is indeed one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The fatality rate is close to 60% in case of a roofer.

5. Get the Fishes

When you say fishing, the first thought that may come to your mind is relaxation and rejuvenation. Yes, most of you would be carrying out fishing as a part of rejuvenating yourself when under the sun. This is the reason why most of you won’t be able to see the dangers roaming around fishing. There are all sorts of probable accidents that loom over the job of a fisher. A bad climate or maybe dysfunction of one of the major arms of the boat or even worse being caught by the deadliest fishes while fishing for the regular ones! Yes, you are all the while surrounded by the thoughts of facing the deadliest fish while still being on the prowl of a normal fish.

6. Iron & Steel Workers

In this case there are two sides of looking at an iron and steel worker. The conditions or the elements with which an iron and steel worker works could be dangerous to him! These substances are all intoxicating and, could produce harm to the body in various ways. The other side being, the injuries and probable death that could occur when a worker falls off the crane while working. Again a job that just receives compensation when filled with injuries, the worker is hardly noticed for the dangers he faces. Probably none of you would have ever given it a thought but the injury rate is substantially high in case of an iron and steel worker. The salary is pretty good but, against the dangers it feels like nothing.

These are just a few dangerous jobs being listed. There are more that see the people raw in the face. These are jobs that should be given a few salutes sometimes.

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