More Ways to Know if Your Husband is Unfaithful

Relationships often hit rock bottom before gearing up again. It is said that you need to lose it all to regain the best again. This often happens in a relationship. But, there’s a difference between hitting the rock bottom and, actually moving out into another relationship. Many times men tend to move out of their marriage just to spice up their lives. The affair may or may not be serious but, it tends to happen often in a relationship. These moments are sensitive for both the husband and wife. You would be trying to figure out what’s happening and, most times blame yourself for the change in your circumstances. Many of you would be naive enough to overlook whatever is happening. But, there are signs that will help you judge the situation. Importantly these signs help you to know if your husband is unfaithful.

Ways to Know If Your Husband is Unfaithful

We Time Changed to Me Time

This is a classic sign of your husband being unfaithful. When you were newly married, you would have been spending a lot of hours lost into each other. This is a mark of togetherness where there are certain activities that are reserved for the two of you. Say a date night on Saturday or a weekend movie night; this is your special we time. Suddenly, your husband is enjoying the weekend time on his own. The weekends are being spent with friends or work force and, you are being neglected. Well, there is something wrong. Probably your husband has someone else to spend all his time with. It is time you gear up and, try to understand the situation.

Lot of Secrets Being Kept

Suddenly your husband is becoming secretive about everything. He won’t allow you to look into his wallet or other private matters any more. He won’t tell you where he is going or who is going to meet. When caught off guard, he tells you he was with his friends. You are suddenly not aware of his new friends and, he does not want to introduce them to you either. He stays away from home for purposes that are best known to him. These are all great signs that point towards the fact that he is being unfaithful to you. You should find out a way soon to tackle the situation. .

Deletion of History

At one point there was no binding on mobile phones or Emails or the social media. You people knew each other’s passwords and everything that was to be known. Off late, your husband is hiding his messages from you. He makes sure that his call and chat history is deleted before he hands over the phone to you. Every time he makes a call, he deletes it from the log. He has a few more social media IDs that you are unaware of. Overnight he has changed the password to his Emails and, he does not wish to share it with you. The entire approach seems to be changed towards these things. These are absolutely faithful cues pointing towards his unfaithfulness. You just need to keep your mind and eye open to see it all.

Change in Appearance

There was a time when your husband’s taste was predictable and his style defined. You used to pick up clothes for him and, he used to love them. Now, he has a different style that you don’t seem to understand. The colors he used to hate at one point are the colors that he so lovingly wears today. He has now started wearing more of casuals and, when you ask him he tells you how it suits his personality. The answers to his taste and change in style are his unfaithfulness. His interests are diverted now and, he is in love with someone else who has become more dominating in his life.

Avoids Intimacy

This is one sign that may seem weird but it is very true. When you husband suddenly avoids intimate relations with you and, starts complaining of a headache or something when you pursue, it is a clear sign that there’s someone else. Intimate relations define the basis of any relationship. It can be interpreted that your husband is fulfilling his need for intimacy elsewhere. Yes, this is an assumption! But, it a great possibility! Try to figure out what’s happening. Remember loss of intimacy is a real sign of unfaithfulness. The earlier you figure it out the better for you.

Maximum Times is Away from Home

He is on tours regularly. A person who used to go out of town or on tours infrequently is now touring all the while. This sudden love for tour is a sign of unfaithfulness. Yes, he is trying to stay away from home maximum times so that he can spend good time with his secret lady. He is working more often, spending his weekends in the office and, his work load has suddenly increased. He often complains of work stress and asks you to understand. Signs are all indeed pointing towards a secret relationship. If you try to stop him, he will try to wriggle out tenderly but, he wont stop for you. Remember to read these signs else you would face trouble soon.

Fights are Often

Does he explode at the slightest thing? Is he becoming increasingly edgy over all matters concerning you? Does he criticize you often? Well, you are in for a trip in that case. Probably, he is mentally comparing you with his newly found love or, maybe he is just not into you anymore. You might wish to find a reason to explain his behaviour and chances are you may never be able to. Try sitting and talking it over, you would end up in a heated manner. Instead of avoiding, it is better to take control of matters at the earliest.

It is not necessary that your husband is unfaithful if you observe one odd sign. But, if all signs are observed chances are he is being unfaithful.

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