The 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Hair Care Products

Hair care is an important aspect of personal care. Hair growth and maintenance is completely dependent on proper hair care. If you neglect hair care, you are actually neglecting a major chunk of your personal care routine. Most people do not understand the importance of good quality hair. They allow it to grow haphazardly and ultimately spoil the look of their hair. After a point even if you wish to, you cannot get back the lustre and color of your hair. So, you should get hair care imbibed into your routine.

The fashion situation of today has many people getting their hair highlighted or maybe coloured completely. This can damage your hair, if proper care is not taken. In fact, certain chemicals should be avoided to protect your hair. There are many mistakes that people generally make while selecting hair care products. They should ideally avoid them to enjoy perfect hair condition.


1. Know Your Hair

It is very important to know your hair type. If your hair is dry or normal, the kind of texture and the kind of problems it suffers from. Where most people make a mistake is in identifying their hair type. Yes, you would definitely know one aspect of your hair. But, that is not enough. You should find out everything there is to know about your hair before picking up a shampoo or a hair conditioner. You cannot just read the ingredients of the shampoo and judge if it is fine for your hair. In fact, at times it may be written normal hair but, you won’t know the other problems associated with your otherwise normal hair. So, you should choose a hair product that satisfies your hair in every way.

2. Price Conscious

Your hair might need a product that is slightly on the higher end. But, your hair needs it and so you should ideally buy it off. Yes, it is a little out of budget. But, this is the biggest mistake people tend to make. The pricing makes them psychologically weak and, takes over the sense of judgement at the right time. So, you would find people choosing hair colour by comparing the price. This way you are just compromising the quality. If you can manage to get the same product with the same quality assurance at a lower price it is a completely different matter. But, if you are going to compromise the quality, you are indeed doing injustice to your hair. So, make sure you do not make the mistake of choosing your hair care product based on price.

3. Change Too Often

When it comes to hair care products, you should avoid changing them too often. Changing too often would lead to getting too many different brands and varieties involved with your hair. Yes, this would affect the lustre and smoothness of your hair. Choose one brand and one variety of shampoo or conditioner or other hair care products. Once, you have chosen that do not change unless absolutely necessary. Don’t go in for the every month change process. This would just cause more damage to your hair. Your hair is your priceless jewel and you just cant expose it to too many brands and varieties.

4. Too Many Chemicals


Often people tend to wash their hair with shampoo that is heavily filled with chemicals. This is not a good thing to do. You are just causing more damage to your hair. If you feel that your shampoo contains a lot of chemicals, you could just dilute your shampoo a bit before applying it to your hair. The diluted version would lose a lot of chemicals. In fact, when your hair is exposed to a lot of chemicals, it loses the natural glow and colour. You would get uncanny and colourless hair before you grow old. So, to save some good hair for your old age, ensure you don’t use a lot of chemicals today. This would help you get good hair.

5. The Commercial Way

When you watch a lot of advertisements, you are spell bound by the variety of products and brands. Some of the advertisements make a lot of promises that entice you. You would even find some advertisements attractive based on which you would decide to buy out a product. Yes, these promotions act very heavily on your mind and psychologically prepare you to buy this product. If you buy a product based on the advertisements, you are indeed making the biggest hair care mistake. Not everything promised by the advertisement would work in your hair care. You might not even be aware of the amount of chemicals they use in making the product. In some cases people try to adapt the ways of the ad as well. If the advertisement says you should use the product say thrice a week, you start using it in that way. This may cause damage to your hair and, you need to be aware of it.

6. The Non-Enthusiast Way

If you are one of those who feel that all hair care products are one and there is no need to look out for a particular one, you are indeed making a big mistake. This is not true. There is a difference between the various hair care products and, you need to understand the kind of care you need for your hair. This understanding would help you buy the right product for your hair. You can’t just be a non-enthusiast and allow your hair to get damaged.

7. The Expert’s Opinion

One more mistake that most people tend to make is avoiding asking the expert’s opinion about hair care. Yes, with technology you are definitely knowledgeable enough. But, sometimes there are hair issues that need consultation which cannot be avoided. So, do not make the mistake of consulting a specialist at an early stage.

The importance of hair care is not understood by all. You should start taking hair care seriously and ensure proper and good quality hair care products at all times.

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