Meal Plan Ideas to Lose Belly Fat for Women

Belly fat is indeed a serious issue. Most women face this issue and it has become kind of common. But, one should not neglect it. Instead, one should try to find ways to reduce the fat in the belly area. Excess fat anywhere else is not such a big issue as belly fat is. Losing the belly fat is not all that difficult. All you need to do is follow a regime and keep a little control on your eating habits. Changing eating habits can make a great difference! A good meal plan can indeed do wonders to your belly fat.

meal plan fat women

The First Meal of the Day

Never skip your breakfast! This is the first rule to a healthy meal plan. It is the most important meal of the day when it comes to losing your belly fat. Having breakfast increases your metabolism rate, keeps your sugar levels in control and keeps you from getting hungry at all the odd hours of the day. A protein rich diet mixed with high fibres is the ideal solution for breakfast. Cereals, oatmeal etc. are all suggested for breakfast. Remember you should eat breakfast like a queen.

Foods you can Ideally Have for Breakfast

Avoid including the fattening butter and cheese in your breakfast when you plan on losing that extra weight around your belly. A bowl of cereals with some skimmed milk (read: low fat milk) would be the ideal breakfast for you. A boiled egg or omelette with mushrooms and pepper as topping would also be a good breakfast. You should have either black coffee or juice with your breakfast. Make sure you avoid bananas as they happily add on to your belly fats. You should avoid sapodillas and sugar in your juice also!

Lunch in Style

You are tired by the time it’s noon. Your energy levels have fallen low and you cannot work anymore. It is time to eat your lunch. The second basic rule is eating your lunch on time. It is not a good idea to bunk your lunch. What could be better than having home cooked food for lunch? A healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is most recommended for lunch. Don’t hog on burgers or pizzas cooked outside if you really wish to lose your belly fat. Eat a lot of vegetables, salads, sprouts and avoid eating oily or fatty foods. If you wish to have cheese, go for low fat cheese.

The Lunch Plan

Its lunch time and you know what to stay away from. Let’s learn about what you can eat. For those who love to eat non-vegetarian foods, you are in for a delightful package. Grill the salmon and dish it with vegetables sautéed in olive oil. You can enjoy a plate of chicken salad, just ensure the dressing is non fatty. Chicken and turkey sandwiches are the best deal for lunch. You can make it at home and it takes no special time off. Grilled chicken steak is another way of appeasing your appetite. For the vegetarians in among you, you can have tofu and make varieties of non fatty dishes out of it. You could have vegetables sautéed in olive oil. Baked beans and bread makes the most delicious and nutritious lunch ever. Avoid the fried dishes. Boil and stir fry the vegetables. Soup and bread also make a good lunch.

The Evening Snack Time

Snacking between the meals keeps your diet healthy. Snacking between meals helps increase the metabolism rate and keep the energy levels real high. But, avoid oily food and junk-food when you plan to snack between meals. You can have some fibrous sprouts, fruits, maybe a mayonnaise sandwich or protein bars that helps serve your appetite. At the same time, these foods do not add up to your fat. The snacks should be light on calories as well as to your stomach.

Ideal Snacks for Munching

Dry fruits and nuts are the best source of energy. The in-between munchies should be light on your stomach and nutritious for your health. Green tea is the best tea if you wish to lose fat anywhere. It is the slimming agent. Mixed with honey, lemon and mint – it becomes a refreshing drink. Fruits are saviours if you are really hungry and wish to hog on your food. A dish of fruits without bananas and sapodillas can help fulfil your appetite. You could also have tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh and tasty. Smoothies are tasty and heavy. A glass of low fat – no added sugar – smoothie could do a great deal of good to your appetite. If nothing else works, have a slice of brown bread and non-fat butter. Remember, having a little bit of these munchies saves you a lot from eating junk varieties.

The Final Meal of the Day

Dine like a pauper they say! Instead of succumbing to your temptation of having a pizza or some real junk food, get home and prepare some healthy dinner. You can always boil chicken, have some baked beans etc. for dinner. Pasta cooked in tomato sauce is also a healthy dinner. When you have planned to have a healthy dinner, plan ahead and plan good. Remember boiling or light fry is essentially the best way to cook your meal.

Dinner Plan

Dinner bells ringing in your stomach, are they? Well time to munch on something nutritious again. Make sure you have your dinner by 8pm latest. Avoid rice in the night. You could have hummus and bread or a slice of brown bread with vegetables to sort your appetite properly. You could have cauliflower or some green vegetables with a broiled salmon. Chicked, beef, pork or fish make up for good dinner menus if they are boiled properly.

The best method to lose belly fat is by staying away from the temptations of your taste buds. You can eat junk food once in a while. You should ideally have six small meals in a day so that you eat nutritious whenever you stay light.

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