Make Your Relationship Better With Your Wife

As Zig Ziglar very truly said “People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace.” It is only when you are happy and satisfied within your home that you can work well. There would be mental peace. There are people who feel that if relationships need attention and time, then they are not worth it. Well, that is a completely wrong notion! To understand and be with each other through good and bad, it is very necessary to give each other the needed time. You might even have to compromise at some places for the relationship to work. Your wife and you need to make mutual decisions and not individual decisions for the better of your relationship. There may be some strains in your relationship. But, there is no need to take it in a negative way. Every relationship goes through that phase. You just need to work it out and make it better.


1. Give Enough Time

With your work pressures playing mental games with you, it is going to be difficult to take some time out for your relationship. But, remember it is very necessary to give time to your wife. She may or may not say it but, for the relationship to get better each day you need to spend time with each other. Going out or sitting in the house with a cup of coffee will do. You just need to be together, sharing words and conversations. This would help you get a better understanding of the person your wife is. Sometimes, in the running, we tend to forget that every relationship has a scope for improvement. There are always things that are left out to know. Find time and get to know each other.

2. Improve Communication

Adding a please does not take much of an effort! When you yell at your wife and ask her to pass you something, you are actually demeaning her. This way you are leaving no scope for improvement in your relationship. As they say, it’s all about the way you ask and, not what you ask. You can ask for anything and it shall be granted as long as you have asked for it in a pleasing way. Taking your wife for granted is the worst way to treat your relationship with her. You have to understand that she is your companion and not some possession. You need to respect that person’s efforts towards you and your home. If and only if you learn the art of communication will you be able to get some improvement in your relationship with your wife.

3. Art of Listening


Yes, this is indeed a tough task especially when your wife is talking. She can go on and on about everything at the wrong time. In fact, you start feeling that you are going to be late for a meeting as soon as she starts of. In a hurry to keep the phone, you just fail to listen to her talk and there you make a mistake. True, your meeting is important. So, why don’t you just tell your wife that you would surely want to listen to this conversation but sometime in the evening? Sit down with her in the evening and have that conversation. You would be able to listen to her entire conversation and, she would be happy. You have to listen and not pretend to listen to your wife. While rushing off for the meeting you are pretending to listen and here most men give away their relationship. The conversation might mean nothing to you but, she wants you to listen. That’s the only reason why you should listen.

4. The Intimacy Game

It’s not about the intercourse always. That is just one part of intimacy. But, where most relationships fail is in understanding what intimate levels the woman wants. Just looking at each other for two minutes while in bed or maybe whispering to each other in bed does well! A hug and kiss as a ritual while leaving home for work would also be a good try to improve the intimacy levels. Sometimes, all you should do is hug on the couch and watch TV together. You could even try cooking together. When you are together, it makes a lot of difference to the relationship.

5. Discuss; Don’t Fight


Yes, you can yell and everyone knows that. But, when you are trying to make a point and you go overboard, your wife would also join in. Both of you would end up yelling and, finally there’s no outcome. What’s the point? Nobody heard anything and, nobody got satisfied. Think about it! Do you really have to yell to clear things out? Can’t things be sorted out peacefully? You feel there’s something emotional you wish to discuss, don’t start questioning in a negative way. You should not start yelling either. Try to sit down and talk your problems out. You would see that when you start discussing your problems, your wife understands them better. She would stay quiet and, only after you have finished will she start her talk. In fact, by discussing you both can come up with a better solution and, the problem no longer remains.

6. Apologize if Necessary

If you are fault, accept it and say a sorry. You should learn the art of asking for forgiveness and forgiving as well. This is the true way to build happiness in your relationship. You should learn this art well before you spoil the entire relationship for good. There’s nothing wrong in seeking forgiveness from your wife. You cant prove your strength in a relationship by not saying sorry. A man who can go ahead and say a sorry is indeed a strong man. A man who can shed a few tears in front of his wife is indeed a strong man.

Constant attention and lot of love would give you a happy and satisfied relationship. You just need to keep working on improving your relationship every day.

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