How to make Friends and Keep them Forever

2. Be in Touch with Friends:

Like any other relationship, things might seem easy in the starting, but the life of the relation depends upon the efforts you put in it. Similarly, making friends is easy but the way you treat your friends and the concern you show for them is the most important aspect. It is not always easy to keep in touch with everyone but for a good friendship you certainly have to. Just call your friends when you feel like talking to them or sharing any new happening from your life. This will make your friends feel that you consider them pretty close and on the contrary you will get to know about the things going in their life. Discussing things with friends will showcase your concern and the importance the friendship has in your life.

Be in Touch with Friends

3. Stand by your Friends:

As an old saying goes “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” This is surely the most important feature of a healthy friendship. You need to be there for your friends when the times are tough and they need someone really close. Friendship is not about all the good times you shared together but the tough times your friendship has tackled. Take friendship as the metal which when heated in the fire of hard times makes the bond of friendship stronger. When your friend is a real need, you got to be there by their side as a support and you will surely earn a friend for your lifetime.

Stand by your Friends


The above tips if followed correctly will surely help you to make new friends and keep the bond of friendship stronger.  However, before you impose these steps in your life, you need to understand the fact that your best friend is you yourself. Before, expecting anything from others you need to be true to yourself about it. If you expect loyalty and respect from your friends, your conscious need be true with the sharing and feelings you have for them. Don’t just be there as an entertainer among your friends, try to be genuine and honest with your approach, so that your friends respect you for what you really are. Lastly, remember your life can never be judged from the number of friends you have, but the bond that you have with that one genuine friend.

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