How to make Friends and Keep them Forever

Friends are the real wealth of life and it takes years to develop a strong bond and we commonly call it as friendship. We interact with many people in a day among who are strangers, some are known, but very few are friends. Spending a lot of time with a person doesn’t mean that they are close to us. It takes something special to know how to make friends and keep them. This thing comes gradually and one needs to put in lots of talking, listening, sharing and caring to earn a real lifetime friend. Making true friends who stand by us throughout our life is not easy but won’t seem to be that difficult once you are done reading the following tips.

Before, trying to keep your friends with you forever, it is important that you know the secret behind making true lifetime friends.

1. Set Yourself Free:

You can’t just be friends with anyone and it seems really foolish that someone will come across you to be a true friend. Therefore, it is necessary that you firstly remove the ego from your attitude. For making friends you need to open up and interact with people around you. The best way of making new friends is to interact with people of your age group. For instance, if you are in college you can interact with students from your class. You can even join a hobby class where you will certainly find new people with same interests. Similarly, if you are in an office, you can share your views with your colleagues and other team members. Just remember to keep an honest and genuine approach because the first impression that you will deliver will stay with them for the lifetime.

Set Yourself Free

2. Get to know the Person:

Once you have met a person that matches your interests and you feel comfortable around him or her, it is time you spend more time knowing about them. As discussed above, for a good friendship you need to interact more and more with the person. This will help you to share your thoughts and you will get to know more things that can be common among you guys. Interactions make the knowing bond stronger and increase the chances of developing your friendship relation. You need to understand the other person but correspondingly make them get to know more about you. Just be yourself and with some quality interactions you will notice your friendship molding into a stronger bond.

Get to know the Person

3. Keep a Positive Approach:

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind in order to make new friends is a positive mind setup. As you interact with new people and get to know more about them, there will always be a need to make them feel comfortable around you. You need to keep a friendly and a positive approach while interacting which will make you an interesting person to be with. Respect the views of others and you will notice a person around you respecting you and your thoughts that is what you expect from your friends.

Keep a Positive Approach

4. Use Social Networking:

Social networking has certainly changed the way we interact with people. With the usage of internet and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and you can find people around with similar interests. Whether you are in your hometown or at foreign a place, such social networking sites to keep in touch with your friends and can be a great assist in finding new friends in the town.

Use Social Networking

Once you are done with finding and making good friends, the next task is to keep them. So, in order to keep your friends with you forever, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Sharing your Life:

Sharing is certainly the most important feature of a good friendship. Therefore, you need to be a good listener and chatterer sharing experiences about your daily life and getting to know about the things going in your friend’s life. This makes the friendship stronger and credulous. Sharing will let you know more about the life of your friends and similarly they will get to know about you. When the times get tough for you or your friends, this sharing will certainly play an important role in mending the things up.

Sharing your Life

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