How to Make Your Boyfriend Value You

The true essence of a relationship lies in the value that it holds for both the parties. There are certain relationships with which we are born. This is to say that we don’t have a choice in them. However, there are also a few that we build and nurture by ourselves. The love relationship of a boyfriend and girlfriend is also one such relationship. Its strength and beauty depends on the time and effort you put into building that relationship.

Girls tend to be more emotional about relationships than boys. For most of them, the relationship is about love in its dreamy romantic sense. Most of them have that ideal notion about love. They work on creating that true essence i.e. value in a relationship. If you too are a girl who values ‘value’ in a relationship then you must be thinking about how to make your boyfriend value you. Well, it is not very difficult to make your boyfriend value you. The following tips will help you a lot if you follow them in letter and spirit.

1. Listen to Him

Generally girls do all the talking and boys also indulge them. At times, just to keep them in good humor. This does not mean that they do not want to talk. They too have a lot to say and want you to lend them a patient and loving ear but they never say so. If you are a good listener they will value you automatically because when you listen to someone it means that you are concerned about their thoughts, feelings, dreams and every other thing that is a matter of concern for them.

Listen to Him

2. Let Him Chill With his Friends

We understand you want him to spend time with you. It is quite natural to crave for the company of your boyfriend but you must keep your cravings in check. If you go overboard, you are only risking becoming a nagging girlfriend. Don’t expect your boyfriend to be there all the time with you. He also has a friends circle and boys like to have fun in their circle. So, give him space and let him enjoy. It will keep him happy. He will respect you for your understanding nature. The icing on the cake is that it will make him crave for you. A fair degree of distance is a good thing in a relationship as it keeps the spark alive.

Let Him Chill With his Friends

3. Be Honest

Honesty is a virtue. No matter how outdated or irrelevant it seems, it has not lost its value. So, if you want your boyfriend to value you, you must be honest with him. Guys like such girls who don’t pretend and are honest about their feelings and thoughts. Honesty brings trust in a relationship and keeps the parties close together.

Be Honest

4. Look Good and Presentable

By looking good and presentable we don’t mean to say that you should possess those drop-dead gorgeous looks. We just want to say that you must take care of basic hygiene and work on your skin and hair. You must wash your hair regularly and take care of your skin so that it looks smooth and shiny. These are some very basic and easy things that you must bear in mind.

Look Good and Presentable

5. Be Present for Him When he Needs you 

Boys may appear to be strong but they are not that strong. Physical prowess is quite a different thing from emotional prowess. Boys need a girlfriend who they can trust and to whom they can confide about their problems and issues. As a girlfriend, you must understand this very innate need of your boyfriend. Support him and be there for him when he is any kind of crisis or stress. Also, keep in mind that boys are egoists and very few would ever admit that they want your counseling or care. So, read the signs. A girlfriend who is really concerned about her boyfriend does not need any tutoring and would read the signs. If you are able to read the signs, it is also a sign that your relationship is on track and has got substance.

Be Present for Him When he Needs you

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