Low Body Temperature Causes and their Effect

6. Consuming Alcohol or Drugs:

Those who consume alcohol or drugs excessively suffer from hypothermia. You might have seen a drunken person with cold body. It is so because alcohol works like poison, and therefore turns the whole body cold.

Consuming Alcohol or Drugs

7. Pneumonia:

Pneumonia is a type of fever which results in shivering, shaking chills, cough, chest pain, shortness of breath and sweating. People suffering from pneumonia have low body temperature, and keeps on decreasing if not taken an immediate step.


8. Immersion in Cold Water:

If you will take a dip in extremely cold water, your body temperature will definitely drops below 98.6º F. It will even go on deceasing if you don’t come in contact with fire or wear warm clothes. This situation can become even worse in winters.

Immersion in Cold Water

9. Spending Time in Soaked Clothes:

Suppose, if you remain in wet soaked clothes for a long time, your body temperature will go on decreasing. This situation can cause a big health problem, if you don’t warm your body with the help of fire and woolen clothes.

Spending Time in Soaked Clothes

10. Heart Attack:

When a person gets heart attack, his body, especially hands and feet turn cold. Slowly, the temperature of whole body goes on decreasing and drops even below the normal body temperature. If the situation is more critical, this temperature goes on decreasing, and finally the person’s body get freeze. In such a situation, the persons can’t survive.

Heart Attack

In the final analysis, we can say that there are various causes of low body temperature. These reasons include various diseases like heart attack, kidney problem, anemia, diabetes, low blood pressure, lung problem, pneumonia etc. In addition to these diseases, there are various other natural reasons like spending time in cold waves or water, remaining in soaked clothes, wearing insufficient clothes in winters, lack of proper heating at work place, wearing wet shoes etc. In all these situations, the body temperature drops below the normal or average temperature 98.6º F. When the temperature goes below this temperature, it can cause various serious health problems. In some cases, people even can’t survive, when the body temperature reaches the 0º F level. So, in order to avoid such chances, you should keep your body warm, especially in cold days. Try to spend less time in cold environment and wear woolen clothes. If you do so, you can protect your body from dangerous diseases like pneumonia, fever, chest problems etc.

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