Low Body Temperature Causes and their Effect

Do you know how we find out that a person is not well? The body temperature and blood pressure are the best indicators of one’s health. The average temperature of a human body is 98.6º F. If the temperature goes below this normal level, then it is called hypothermia. Well, there are various low body temperature causes and their effect that further lead to dangerous diseases.

So, in order to avoid such serious health problems and keep your body in normal temperature, first of all you should identify the causes of lowering body temperature. Wearing insufficient clothes in winter, staying out in a cold environment for a long time, remaining in wet cloths, body contact with fog, taking a dip in extremely cold water are some possible reasons of hypothermia. Lack of proper diets can also be one of the most possible causes. If you keep your body warm while avoiding such situations, you can protect yourself from various diseases. In addition, there are various diseases like anemia, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, pneumonia, heart problems that lead to low body temperature.

So, when your body starts shivering, and you feel weakness in your body, lack of coordination, low and irregular heartbeats, you should immediately warm your body by wearing woolen clothes and avoid coming in contact with cold waves and water. Detailed explanation of different low body temperature causes:

1. Wearing Transparent Clothes in Winters:

If you will wear insufficient clothes in the winter then it is obvious for your body temperature to drop below the average temperature. You might have seen some young people wearing transparent clothes to give a showcase of their youthfulness. It is true that young people have more capacity to observe coldness, but after a certain period of time, they too get freeze. In such a situation, your lips turn black or blue, and the exposed body parts like ear, nose and hands get numb. This can be the biggest cause of hypothermia. Well, you can protect your body by wearing winter clothes.

Wearing Transparent Clothes in Winters

2. Staying out in a Cold Environment:

When you stay out in a cold environment, and that too for a long period of time, your body temperature goes on deceasing. A time comes when this temperature goes below 98.6º F. This situation can cause a big problem to your health, if the temperature goes on decreasing at a fast rate. In such a situation, you should immediately come in contact with heat and wear warm clothes.

Staying out in a Cold Environment

3. Anemia:

There are some people who remain cool in all seasons. It is due to the lack of blood in the body, which further leads to hypoxia in organs. This problem also causes low body temperature.


4. Diabetes:

Diabetes is a body situation in which a person has high blood sugar. It is of two types, high blood sugar, and low blood sugar. In high blood sugar, a diabetic person has to avoid sweets. Second is low blood sugar, in which a person’s body needs sweets to reenergize. This is the situation of diabetes, in which temperature of by goes on decreasing.


5. Low Blood Pressure:

Low blood pressure is also a biggest cause of low body temperature. It is also known as hypotension, in which the pressure of blood in the pulses is very slow. It further makes the whole body quite cold. There is a positive relation between blood pressure and body temperature. Lower the blood pressure, lower will be the body temperature, and vice versa.

Low Blood Pressure

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