Personalized Love Messages for Husband

Why is it that love and romance take a backseat after a woman gets married and enters into a conjugal relationship? Why is it that the most special person who you could never imagine to live without starts looking like someone who you want to run away from, at times? Why do you start treating him as the father and caretaker of your family and not your soul mate? Well, if you know about the proverb- familiarity breeds contempt, you will get the answer because it is very true. When you get married, you become somewhat complacent and as time passes you get involved with your children and your husband automatically gets left behind.

Have you ever thought that this behavior of yours can drive your husband away from you? You would not have because there are no telltale signs but when the reality will dawn upon you, you will regret why you did not think of it. Well, it is never too late and there is one very easy route that can help you out without asking you to do much. We are talking about messaging and texting. The cellphones have made life a lot easier for us and if you can find love messages for husband, you can easily turn on your hubby. These romantic messages will make him feel good and special. This way, you can stay close to your husband and your marriage will always be alive and kicking. So, here are those messages with their different romantic flavors to get you going. Take a look.

1. Emotional and Sentimental

These kinds of messages are full of affection, warmth and longing. They display your love in a spiritual and sentimental manner that strikes a direct chord with the heart of you hubby.

  1. You are the nautical star of my life, guiding and grooming me every day without asking for anything in return. Love you like hell, my dear hubby.
  2. Life is so incomplete and dull, when you are not by my side. Miss you from the bottom of my heart.
  3. I didn’t know life can be so beautiful until we got married. Thank you for introducing me to the beauty that lay hidden in your smile, hug and kisses. Love you.
  4. The most precious day of my life was when we got married. It introduced me to you, the nicest person I have ever met in my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and an excellent father.
  5. The ways of the world are weird. You cannot trust people and love is rare but why should I care when I have got my sweet savior by my side. Love you a lot. Always and forever.
  6. Whenever I visualize my future all things appear listless and mundane but the moment you shine up in my mind, everything takes up a rosy tint. Thank you so much, the rose of my life. You are the dearest and most special to me.

 Emotional and Sentimental

2. Sexy and Seductive

Sex and physical intimacy is very important in the life of a couple and you must know that men crave for it. Therefore, get into the mushy mood and send him some sexy messages so that he still finds you interesting and alluring.

  1. Feeling those love pangs earnestly. Wish you were with me. Can’t wait, Come soon.
  2. I am free tonight and would like you to grab the opportunity and make the most of it. Won’t you oblige?
  3. Urgent message:  I am suddenly taken over by the urge to feel your kisses and hugs and all else. Need help. Come fast.
  4. Come near. I want to kiss you.
  5. Can’t wait to see you sans clothes tonight.
  6. Your perfume drives me crazy and today I can think of nothing but your perfume. Bring home the bottle soon. Want to spray it all over me.
  7. Hi dear! Meet me in bed tonight. The wait is getting too long. Why are you so mean?

Sexy and Seductive

3. Flirty and Playful

These messages have a witty and light-hearted touch. They drive stress away and introduce him to the humorous side of your personality that likes and loves fun.

1. I love you like_____. Fill in the blank yourself.

2. I love you, I miss you, I long for you, and I want to come to you. What else do you expect? Isn’t it enough?

3. I love you… Just felt like telling you. Won’t you reply?

4. Wish you a very happy and hearty husband’s day. I have introduced it in your honor. So send me a quick thank you and reciprocate the gesture. Your loving wife______.

5. I would like you to thank God for blessing you with such a good and loving wife. This is because I care for you and fear that your ungratefulness might bring us harm. Your caring wife______.

Flirty and Playful

4. Humorous and Funny

Fun and humor make life worth living. They are essential to keep romance and love from flying away. These messages can make the day of your husband as they have the ability to tickle one’s funny bone in an instant.

1. I often get mad at you but then I wonder who would help me in the kitchen, tutor the kids and drive us if you run away. So, my dear chef, teacher and chauffeur! Don’t run away. We need you more than anyone else.

2. Thinking of cooking your favorite food tonight. Need help. Come and oblige, my dear master chef.

3. Cute, smart, intelligent, loving, caring, you are so……. callous not to say all this to me. Make it fast. I need my due.

4. It is high time you congratulated me for introducing husband’s day. Don’t you know everyone is celebrating it in your honor?

5. Bad news! Do you know everyone is talking about you behind your back?They say it is damn sexy.

5. Inspiring and Grateful

It is said that a husband is like a father-figure for a wife. Many wives love their husband for this very fatherly nature and thus, dedicating an inspirational message is only reasonable. It is the highest form of expressing your love and respect.

1. To the dear daddy of my dear children! You are the beacon of love, hope and inspiration. Always be there for us. Love you.

2. Want to know who is the role model and inspiration of my life? Any guesses? It is Mr._________. I simply adore you, my dear husband.

3. It has been a long while since we got married but I have never grown weary of you. You bring hope and happiness for me without asking for anything in return. Thank you so much.

4. Love held no meaning for me until I met you. Couldn’t appreciate care until I found it in you. Never missed anyone until you came into my life. Was not ready to give up until I came into your contact. Have I made myself clear as to what do you mean to me? Thank you so much for being in my life.

5. My love and my life revolve around you and you only. You are the one who make my days shine and give it meaning. You are the best husband of this world and I am proud to be the wife of the best husband.

 Inspiring and Grateful

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