Losing Weight with Minimal Dieting

Starvation leads to problems not solutions. You cannot aim to lose weight and stay fit by starving yourself to death. You cannot even think of losing weight by over-exercising in one day. No, losing weight is a slow process. You need to be disciplined and patient to get into shape. Some people believe that not eating will help them get into shape. Well, it does help you lose a few inches but at the cost of your health. When you don’t have enough energy, you will feel that starving was indeed a bad idea. Of course, when you wish to lose a few inches, you cannot carry on with your current diet scheme. But, in the process of losing weight – you cannot let your body miss out on the essential nutrients.

minimal dieting

1. Give Your Craving a Healthy Dimension

When you start craving for some food item, you are essentially craving for that missing nutrient. You need to understand that you are low on that nutrient. It is only when you start deciphering the craving that you would look into the real story behind it. In such cases, you should look out for the food that helps solve the nutrient problem. If you wish to have an ice cream, it is possible that you are low on calcium. Instead of ice cream grab a glass of milk and increase the calcium in your body. The body would feel good and energized only when all the nutrients are present in the body. A flat belly and a fit figure are everyone’s dreams. No matter what, your body should feel energized at all points during the diet.

2. Slow Down the Eating Process

Time shortage is the problem of the recent lifestyle. This causes severe damage to the rate of metabolism and, it is ignored. You need to rush to a meeting in next five minutes and, there you just swallow an entire burger. It is really not a good idea! No matter how pressed you are for time; make sure you eat every meal slowly. If you have a meeting at, say, 1, try to take lunch by 12:15. This would help you eat slowly and, increase your metabolism rate. In fact, it helps digest the food well.

3. Change Slowly

If you are introducing some changes in your food habits, make sure they are made gradually. Don’t hurry those changes as they may induce ill effects. If you are having some food just because you want to and not because you are hungry, don’t have it. There is no use of that extra bit in your tummy at present. Introduce minute changes; like your breakfast meal could include skimmed milk, you could have a pot of tea with some oat biscuits etc.. You could stop the extra intake of sugar. You could help yourself to three varieties of vegetables during dinner instead of the regular one kind. This would help you eat more healthy food.

4. Activity is a Must

Dieting alone does not help you anyway. You need to have a proper routine to help lose that excess fat. So, how about taking out some time from your busy life and settling yourself to some exercises. A jog around the block or maybe some aerobics sounds good to get your body to become active. You can always take up some activity like swimming, jogging etc. where you can use up some energy to shed a few extra calories. This would also help keep you active throughout the day. You would feel good even after working the entire day, if you get involved in some exercises and activities.

5. Leave out the Meaningless Foods

You would feel the urge to have a can of fizzy drinks that night. How about controlling yourself and avoiding that drink? Limit your intake of coffee and sugar, it will help a lot. That extra ice cream bite can also be avoided. Urges that cause increase in the amount of calories in your body can well be avoided. In fact, you should ideally reduce your intake of alcohol too. Make it once a month and that too limited qualities. Or just don’t take it at all.

6. That Extra Sleep

A beautiful skin and a fit body is a result of good sleep. If you sleep for an hour extra every day, you would ideally make less room for ideal snacking that results in increase in calories. While sleeping, the idle activities take a back seat and, you get more health benefits.

7. Soup Keeps Calories Away

When you add soups to your dinner, you feel full after a mouthful of soup and food. You eat less and get more nutrients. As a matter of fact, you reduce on the calories. Healthy eating is the trick to do away with calories. When you get down to dieting, you are actually inducing lowered metabolism. Instead of that, drink and eat healthy and shed those calories along with an increase in metabolism rate.

8. Take What You Would Eat

While filling up your plate with food, make sure you take on those items which you would eat for sure. Take the food that is less on calories and higher on the nutrients. Do not over-eat. Just stop when you know you are about to get full. Eating till you are full would reduce the energy levels. You should stop when you know the next bite would make you full.

9. Avoid Junk, Eat Healthy

It is a matter of choice that would help you understand how healthy foods would help you gain a better and fit figure. Don’t go in for burgers and pizzas for lunch and dinner. Eat sautéed vegetables or maybe boiled beans or boiled chicken which comes under the label of healthy foods. You would actually make up for the nutrients without getting the calories.

A lifestyle change is needed! We just need to make a few good choices to shed those few calories away.

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