List Of Ping Services

List Of Ping ServiceHello.

As most of you must know the importance of Ping services, they allow us to automatically notify different search engines, and blog directories about the new entry made on your blog or site.

If your list of ping services is long, then your chances of getting high traffic from those sources increases. Here below I am listing 59 Ping Services + 2 Bonus Sites which are widely used for automatic pinging.senyum

If you are a Blogger user like me then I would suggest you better scroll down this part and check the sites, which pings for you for Free.

For WordPress users:

01. Login to your Admin Panel (
[Replace with your site address].

02. Then look for Settings –> Writing

03. Once there, scroll down to Update Services

04. And enter below list of Pinging Sites:

05. And press Save Changes button to complete.

And you are done. Now just start posting as normal and it will automatically notify all sites about new update.

For Blogger users, Visit below sites:

03. And enter your Credentials like below:

04. Check All the ping services or select the common ones and press Send Pings:

Remember the displayed pictures may differ but basic idea is same. So every time you make a new post or update previous post, Visit these sites and Send Pings.

You have successfully completed the pinging process.

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