Lime and Carrot How Good is it on Skin

2. Removes Scars and Blemishes

Carrot is also a cool cure for pimples and its after effects. It is rich in oils that are good for the digestive system of your body. A lot of acne problems are related with poor digestive system and hence if you eat carrots regularly, you can prevent the acne and pimples from finding place on your face.

Removes Scars and Blemishes

3. Brings an Even Tone for Your Skin

Many women suffer from skin pigmentation and dark spots due to aging and exposure to UV rays of the sun. This impacts the skin tone and makes it look uneven with fair spots in some areas and dark ones in other. Eating carrots or having carrot juice can cure this uneven tone because it slows down the process of pigmentation and also fights the UV rays by increasing the immunity of the skin.

Brings an Even Tone for Your Skin

4. Keeps Skin Problems Like Eczema, Wrinkles and Rashes at Bay

The multitude of antioxidants in carrot acts as a strong antigen against skin ailments. So, if you have got any of these problems, you can find a perfect remedy in carrot juice or simply the carrot root.

. Keeps Skin Problems Like Eczema, Wrinkles and Rashes at Bay

5. Cures Sunburn

Sunburn is notorious for playing havoc with your beauty. Many women suffer from it and cannot find a way out that is quick and effective. Well, if you have never used carrot juice or carrot pulp to cure sunburn, go for it. You will surely vouch for its effectiveness. Carrot contains carotenoids and antioxidants that enhance the skin immunity against sun and also helps the skin to heal fast. 

Cures Sunburn

6. Keeps Skin Young and Rejuvenated

Antioxidants thrive in carrots and one can never emphasize enough on the good properties of these antioxidants in fighting aging. They work on the free radicals that cause your skin to loosen up and lose it softness. Hence, using them externally as well as internally can help your skin remain evergreen forever.

Keeps Skin Young and Rejuvenated

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