Letter of Recommendation For Scholarship

The three main components of the scholarship process and the college application procedure are personal information, essays and transcripts. But there is one common factor that you may not know much about. This factor is called the letter of recommendation. Mostly the scholarship providers and admission officers will demand that you submit one or more letters of recommendation to apply for their scholarships or for admission to their institute. You should have a proper knowledge about the letter of recommendation for scholarship as it is considered as  very important. In this article we will be discussing some vital information that will surely help you towards building a good letter format:

Letter of Recommendation For Scholarship

From whom should you get a recommendation letter?

We know that the feeling of getting a scholarship is simply great. When you find out you need a letter of recommendation, you may be tempted to run to a family member or a friend. Rather than your family member, your first choice should probably be a teacher, employer or some other non-personal acquaintance. Even though having a letter of recommendation from a family member or friend is not a wrong thing to do but most scholarship providers and educational institutions generally prefer that you submit at least one letter from someone who is not emotionally tied to you. This person will be able to write more objectively and honestly about your qualifications and strengths. So always try and get your recommendation letter from a person who is not emotionally attached to you and try to get it from a person like your teacher whom you believe can be a good judge of your character and testimonials.

What should your letter of recommendation really say?

At times a scholarship provider or college admission department will state you what topics your letter of recommendation should cover. Even if they don’t, it’s probably superlative to have the letter writer that delivers about your strengths, his relationship to you. The writer should add the reasons he feels are nunnery to be an eligible candidate for the scholarship or admission. The writer can even provide the extra examples like the challenges he has seen you overcome. You can even enrich your letter of recommendation with the significant achievements you have made, and key initiatives that you have taken in your educational qualifications. The letter of recommendation should be typed, but signed by the letter writer. It’s always advised that you provide good amount of time to the person writing the recommendation letter for you. The letter of recommendation written in total urgency might not be as well thought out and completely not up to your expectations.

Where should you send the letter of recommendation?

Generally the rules and procedures for each college and for each scholarship program can vary. So it always suggested that you carefully read the application form and all instructions. Emphasize on the fact how to send in your letters of recommendation. Mostly colleges and scholarship committees like better that the letter writer send in the letter of recommendation separately from the application packet. This is usually done to ensure that the student did not manufacture his own recommendation letter. Some institutes prefer that you include the letter of recommendation with the application packet so they do not have to worry about having incomplete application packet. Colleges may require you to submit the letter inside a sealed, signed envelope to ensure privacy and validity. One thing that you need to take care of is the fact that you should be sure to pay attention to the fine print when trying to find out where to send in your letter of recommendation.

What’s the need to submit a letter of recommendation?

Most scholarship providers and college admission offices want some outside perspective about the student who is applying for their scholarship or admission to their school. Before you get annoyed because of a letter of recommendation there is another thing you have to worry about, think about the positives. You may be able to use that letter over and over again. Not only can you use it for other scholarships you are going to apply for, you may also be able to use it for college admission, internship positions, and job opportunities. Letters of recommendation are a great way to showcase your talents and abilities for scholarship providers and admissions officers. An outside perspective that acknowledges your accomplishments and strengths can go a long way toward convincing an organization that you are worthy of admission or deserving of their scholarship dollars.

Sample format

Admissions, Tippie School of Management

Executive MBA Program

100 Pomerantz Center, Ste E444

Iowa City, IA   52242-7700

Dear Director,

I am writing today to recommend Leif Bush for admission into the University of Iowa’s Executive MBA Program.  I have known Leif for 15 years, and he has worked for me (with me) in marketing for approximately eight of those years.

It should go without saying that he is a remarkable marketing talent, with an eye for not only growing his traditional business, but also seeking out opportunities in to expand the business.

Leif has always taken his role seriously and is passionate about his results. Beyond his passion on driving performance, Leif is a natural leader, and fights hard for his beliefs. He’s at his best in a group environment, and is consciously proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the best results possible. He has a very effective personal style, and will be looked for continued executive leadership with our Ecommerce Marketing efforts.

I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Leif, and sincerely believe that he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to your class and classroom.  He has my highest endorsement.  If you have any questions about this recommendation or my endorsement of Leif, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to help.

Kind regards and best wishes for a successful Executive MBA class.

Giles Poladoras
CEO of Snubby Enterprises

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