Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo

Imprinting tattoos on body is in trend from years. Men and women of all age groups carve tattoos with equal interest. There are people who engrave tattoos for their traditional significance while some others tattoo their body mainly for fashion. The tattoos are inked using black, grey and varied other shades of colors. Nowadays people love to ink almost all parts of their body. Some of the main areas are chest, face, shoulders, neck, legs, arms, back, wrist, foot, fingers, ears etc.

However, the places to etch these tattoos vary with the changing trends. Some imprint tiny tattoos while there are others who do not hesitate in etching a full-fledged large tattoo. Everyone is nervous before etching a tattoo especially those who are doing this for their first time. Amount of pain involved may vary for different people. Some may feel this pain equivalent to a sting, a burn or a scrap while there are others who feel it excruciating.

Different factors lead to pain but lesser sensitive the skin, the less painful the tattoo would be. Those people, who have imprinted the tattoos before, agree that less sensitive areas are less painful and are the ones that are typically exposed to more external elements. Another thing which could diminish your pain is the artist touch. Some artists are so expert that when you would be carving your tattoo, you may hardly know you were touched. There are many body areas which are least painful place to get a tattoo engraved such as back, shoulder etc.

So, when you plan to engrave choose such an area which is relatively fleshy and has no bony region.The thigh, shoulder, upper arm and buttocks are comparatively less painful areas and are ideal for those who can’t bear the pain of imprinting tattoos. If you choose to tattoo your elbow, spine, chest, forehead, knees toes and areas with a high distribution of nerve endings such as behind the ears, lips and eyebrows you will surely face pain. The reason for this is, the area has close skin to bone contiguity.

People are often seen surfing internet for finding such a place on their body which would be less painful for imprinting a tattoo design.  The sensitivity of many areas of the body will always vary from person to person. Areas with thin skin and bone directly underneath are most painful areas. To start imprinting a tattoo, you may want to first decide a design which you want to get inked. You may find many high-quality tattoo designs from different sites on the internet.

If you are etching a tattoo for your first time, it is greatly advised that you engrave that part of your body which could understand your body’s tolerance for needles. Imprinting a smaller area is advisable initially as this would make you aware about the amount of pain involved. If you go for a bigger tattoo, it can get really unbearable and you may have to stop the artist in middle of his work. You need to get used to it progressively.

Search for an experienced, professional tattooist as he would normally have a variety of ways to relieve any feelings of discomfort in the area. Finally, when your search for an appropriate artist is over, don’t forget to tell him that it is your first time and request him to make use of some creams to help you withstand the discomfort and so that he can go easy on you.

As everyone is built differently, so less painful areas differ for all. This article will act as a great help in guiding you through least painful place to get a tattoo. So, next time when you are planning for a tattoo keep in your mind the following places.

Firstly speaking about the specific areas which are least painful among men and women

  • Men: Buttocks, arm, back
  • Women: Abdomen, buttocks, thigh, shoulder

Some of these have been explained below:-

 1. Your Outer Shoulder Or Outer Arm

Your Outer Shoulder or Outer Arm

You must have seen people with tattoos on this particular place. This is one of the most popular places of tattooing. It acts as a best canvas for tattoos as this is the least painful area. People prefer to imprint this area because of the muscle or flesh on the arm. Secondly it is the most visible part of the body too. This area can be easily hidden or flaunted according to the individual’s wish. It is a least painful place as it has a lot of muscles over the bones which tend to reduce the pain of a tattooing needle better than other places. Sensitivity is also very low in arms. This place is very popular among the first timers. So, this is one of the least painful areas for imprinting tattoo.

2. Back


The back of a person is the second best area which gives less pain before tattooing. This is another low pain area. Our back does not have many nerves in fact it has the least amount of nerves than in any other body part of our body.  One best part of back is it does not have as many touch receptors as on any other part of the body.

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