17 Appetising Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

There is no bigger gift than a baby. The best moment of a couple’s life is when they see their baby in their arms. At that moment everything ceases and it marks the dawn of a new life. It’s not the baby who is a new guest in the family, a set of parents are also born with the child. It’s needless to say that the most special feeling on this earth is that to become a mother and a father to a newly born angel. Parenthood is a gift of god and good parenting is an art, it comes with time and it has life changing results. When a couple sees a part of themselves doing well in life, their happiness knows no bounds. Bringing up a child can be quite a task, there are many advices but the road to parenting is not an easy one. But to find fun in doing all small things for your kid is the world’s best feeling.

kids birthday foods

Children are more excited than the parents on their birthday, so if the child is big enough tell him/her that you are organizing a birthday party and also involve the child in helping you with the decorations. Remember to decorate the house with blue balloons if your baby is a boy and pink balloons, if its a girl. Also put up a panda in the centre and fill it with sweets and chocolates and let the birthday girl/boy hit the panda.

There are many things that have to be taken care of. One of the main is kids birthday party food ideas. The USP of the party is the food and it has to be carefully decided and cooked. Take care of the menu as it is a kids party, there will be children of all age groups. The menu should include food, which children like and it should be made in a way that attracts children. The time of the party is also important as it is directly linked to the menu.  If it is an evening party, snacks will do and when organizing a night party, dinner has to be planned accordingly. Keep the other parents informed about the menu.

The cake should be made or ordered with precision as it is main attraction of the birthday party. Plan the shape of the cake in accordance to what your child likes the most. It could be a car or a Barbie doll or anything that fancies the child.

You can have theme birthday parties too, which are a great fun. Interesting themes from their favorite movies and cartoons like Ben10, Dragon Ballz, Pirates of the Caribbean etc can be organized.

While planning the menu, understand that you cannot do everything yourself, involve your partner in the cooking or hire a help. Decide the menu and make it creative. Some easy to do ideas are as follows:

  • Use different shaped knives and cutters to cut and peel vegetables or sandwiches. Make smileys and cute shapes on milk shakes and on cup cakes.
  • Be generous with jellies and sauces to draw out different shapes on food items. Like strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce and then frozen make a yummy dessert.
  • You can make little rats with a strawberry with milkybar button ears and a tail of jelly. This innovative creation is sure to lure the kids.
  • Make strawberry tarts by baking them empty and then filling them up with jam or cream. Do the icing on top and tarts are ready.
  • Make mini pizzas by decorating pan sized pizzas and later decorate them with different coloured sauces.
  • Make sandwiches in shape of little boats and fill them with crumbled cheese or cucumber cut into small pieces.
  • You can try making ginger bread man with the help of pancakes and later decorating with gems and chocolates.
  • For drinks make fruit punch or juices and fill it in bottles so that children do not spill it around. You can also experiment with smoothies and shakes of assorted flavours.
  • Make chocolate balls, with melted chocolate, sugar, cocoa, cream and butterscotch flavour  and dip it in chocolate sauce. Avoid rum balls as there are kids who won’t like it.
  • Try a cucumber train by hallowing the cucumbers and connecting them with other with the help of tooth picks. You can also fill some sprouts in them for nutrition.
  • Cheese balls are another great idea. You can make it by some crumbled cottage cheese mixed with bread crumbs and fry it in different shapes. Kids will love it with ketchup.
  • Fairy bread is another great idea as it is creative and looks lovely. Cut white bread into triangles (you can try other shapes too), spread butter on them and on a plate sprinkle little edible stars and glitters. Gently press the bread slice over them and bake in the oven.
  • Dips and sauces are always a favorite of all children. Make interesting dips with yogurt dips with mint and cucumber. Put yogurt, mayonnaise, lime, lemon juice in a bowl and mix together. Now add grated cucumber, garlic and mint leaves with a pinch of salt. Cover it with a clingflim and keep it in the fridge for an hour. Serve it sandwiches, wafers, garlic bread or cheese toast.
  • Tortillas can be made into exciting flavours and shapes. Fill it up with noodles to a spring roll or with mix vegetables with a lettuce to make a wrap. Serve it with ketchup and salad of mix veggies and fruits.
  • Popcorn is a favorite with kids. Organize a movie birthday and put on children’s most loved movie. Team it up with baskets of caramel popcorn, which are easy to make. Heat butter and caster sugar in a saucepan for 5-7 minutes. When it changes color to caramel then put it over popcorns and mix it with a spoon.  Let it cool and store it in an airtight container.
  • Last but the least ask your child how he/she wants the party food to be and involve him/her in the preparations.


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