Jobs in Demand For The Future

If you are looking for a change in your job or in case you are still in college you might be wondering which jobs are in demand for future. As the competition is increasing rapidly, there will be a lot of jobs in demand for the future. By choosing a career that is in high demand, you not only are entering the job market with a bang, but are also mounting a ladder towards immense success. We have compiled a list of the top 30 jobs that are going to be in high demand in the near future. A look at this list will help you make an informed decision regarding your work.

Jobs in Demand For The Future

1. Network systems and data communications analyst

Reason for popularity: this job is meant to grow in the next 2-3 years in leaps and bounds. The reason is that with the advancement of newer technology, more and more software professionals will be required to test new programs, monitor efficiency and set up networks.

2. Personal/home care aides

Reason for popularity: this job ranks among one of the highest ranking jobs that is going to be in demand in future. The reason for this is that there is an expected rise in the number of elderly people. With the younger ones having lesser time that can be dedicated towards home care, a personal/home care aide comes in the picture.

3.  Home health aides

Reason for popularity: while personal and home care aides provide mostly housekeeping and routine services, home health aides provide more extensive healthcare than family and friends can manage. This job is likely to be in demand in the near future due to the fact that some medical conditions require extensive patient care and family members are unable to handle such patients.

4.  Computer applications software technologists

Reason for popularity: which advancement in computer technology, technologists will be continually required to test systems and introduce new technology to the world.

5. Veterinary technologists and technicians

Reason for popularity:pets are increasingly becoming members of the family, creating a boom in this industry. Pet owners are becoming more affluent, and the number of pets is growing, boosting demand for specialized veterinary service. These technicians will be able to provide assistance to veterinary doctors in this field.

6. Personal and financial advisors

Reason for popularity: expected to be one of the top 10 jobs of the future, the competition is also expected to rise proportionately. With the growing financial market, financial advisers will play a huge role in money management.

7. Makeup artists

Reason for popularity:an unconventional job choice, makeup artists for theatrical and performance arts are going to be in high demand in the near future.

8. Medical assistants

Reason for popularity:the medical industry is expected to expand because of technological advances and the growing elderly population. As the healthcare industry expands, more practices and clinics requiring large support staffs are opening.

9.  Veterinarians

Reason for popularity:Pet owners are increasingly willing to spend money on pets that they consider family. Veterinarians are also now permitted to offer procedures common for humans, including hip replacement, blood transfusions, and cancer treatment, creating a need for more professionals.

10. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors

Reason for popularity:the demand for these professionals is on a high since drug abusers voluntarily seek treatment and are sent for counseling instead of jail.

11. Skin care specialists

Reason for popularity:estheticians are the skin care specialists who will likely see the most job growth, but all parts of the industry are expected to expand as more skin treatments become available in spas and medical facilities.

12. Financial analysts

Reason for popularity: As the financial industry grows in size, so will the demand for financial analysts, these assistants provide help regarding money allocation and mutual funds.

13. Social and human service workers

Reason for popularity:as the elderly population grows, employers are looking for social service providers. These people also help the disabled, pregnant women and the underprivileged.

14.     Gaming surveillance heads and assistants

Reason for popularity: the gambling and gaming industry is meant to grow in leaps and bounds in future. With this growth there is supposed to be an increase in surveillance heads as well as assistants that prevent cheating, card counting and dubious gains.

15.Pharmacy technicians

Reason for popularity: with the medical industry making such huge progress, pharmacies will also grow in future. Pharmacy technicians will be required in great numbers.

16. Physical therapist assistants

Reason for popularity:job opportunities should be particularly good in acute hospital, skilled nursing, and orthopedic settings, where the elderly are most often treated. Job prospects should be especially favorable in rural areas, as many physical therapists tend to cluster in highly populated urban and suburban areas.

17. Forensic science technicians

Reason for popularity: new positions are sprouting up in crime labs as emphasis is placed on using forensic science to solve and prevent crimes.

18. Dental hygienists

Reason for popularity: with increasing population, dental hygienists are going to be in high demand. Ever since dental conditions have been associated with the heart functions, people are paying a lot of attention towards their teeth.

19. Mental health counselors

Reason for popularity: the outlook for mental health counselors has gotten a boost from insurance companies, which are increasingly covering counselors’ costs because they’re cheaper than psychologists or psychiatrists. Also, more will be needed as states build programs to improve service for children and adolescents.

20. Mental health and substance abuse social workers

Reason for popularity: the justice system is increasingly assigning drug offenders to treatment programs instead of jail, fueling demand for counselors.

21.  Marriage counselor

Reason for popularity: Although more and more marriages are still ending in divorce, this occupation is growing as it becomes more common for people to seek help in marriages from counselors before taking the final step.

22. Dental assistants

Reason for popularity:As dental health among older generations improves, routine preventative care is needed more than ever before. Also, younger dentists entering the field are more likely to work with assistants.

23. Computer systems analysts

Reason for popularity: Job growth in this sector won’t be as strong as it was during the ’90s, but it will continue to increase as companies continually adopt new technology as well as computer systems and programs.

24. Database administrators

Reason for popularity:As businesses continue to rely more heavily on technological advancement there will be a demand for professionals that can create and manage databases that store information on customers, inventory, and projects.

25.Computer software engineers

Reason for popularity:This occupation will grow as the demand for computer networking skills, particularly at companies, increases. The demand for software programming, system security and maintenance is on a high and so are the jobs in this industry.

26. Gaming and sports book writers and runners

Reason for popularity: As more and more states legalize gambling, more casinos are being built. Gaming operations depend on workers to assist with bingo and keno games and take bets on sporting events.

27. Environmental science and protection technicians

Reason for popularity:As the professional world takes a growing interest in environmental monitoring, management, and regulatory compliance, technicians will be needed to regulate waste, clean up contamination, and collect samples to help monitor pollution levels. On a social front also, environment regulation is the need of the hour.

28. Manicurists and pedicurists

Reason for popularity: An increase in the number of nail salons all over the world is the reason for the high demand of manicurists and pedicurists. With more and more people being able to afford beauty treatments, these jobs are on a rise as well.

29. Physical therapists(physiotherapists)

Reason for popularity:Physical therapy is now prescribed to almost anyone who gets injured. There will soon be a hike in demand of physical therapists.

30. Doctors’ assistants

Reason for popularity: as mentioned earlier, the healthcare industry is a fast developing industry. It is a fact that patients will always outnumber doctors; hence the demand for doctors’ assistants keeps on increasing.

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