Internet Explorer 8 Proved To Be Safest And Most Secure

After the release of IE 8, the question now arises is about security? How secure is IE8 compared to other browsers like Firefox ,Chrome ,Opera or Apple’s Safari.gigitjari

Current trends show over 50% of malware infections occur via Internet downloads.xpasti

The answer to security has been given by NSS Labs. They conducted security tests on various browsers to find out which is more secure and safe. Out of which IE8 emerged as the safest.celebrate

NSS Labs performed the industry’s first comprehensive test of web browser protection against socially engineered malware. This report examines the ability of six different web browsers to protect users from this leading threat.

The results are based upon empirically validated evidence gathered by NSS Labs during 12 days of 24×7 testing of more than 154,000 individual tests.hah

The browsers made to test are:

To read the report you can download the report

or registered users can view this

So finally Microsoft is doing it right this time. kenyit


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