Interesting School Pranks that will Make you Roll Down Laughing

Experimenting various interesting school pranks can make these days memorable for you. Last weekend I was spending some quality time with my younger brother and were discussing about his school life. It’s always fun to have a conversation about school life especially when you used to be the biggest mischief-maker in your school days. The chat went on for long hours, as one prank incident was leading into another hilarious story. After a few hours, I thought of dialing up my some old school time buddies and remind them of all the funny pranks we use to be a part of. I would really like to share some pranks with all you guys so that you can imagine the scenario and even try them at your school. Here I have listed some of the craziest school pranks, hope you like them.

First one is my own prank that I did on my math teacher.

1. Stuck at work

I guess every one of us hates math more than any other subject. One thing I was sure at the school was the fact that we hated your math’s teacher more than we hated math itself. So what could have been a better idea than to have crazy prank featuring your unloved math teacher.

As said earlier and frequently honored by my teachers, I use to be the prankster of my school. So it all began with our monthly cycle test and this time it was the most hated subject.  I and my wild buddies made a plan to take the test of the teacher on the special day. All of you must have heard about quick gum sticks and that was our biggest weapon on the prank.  We had two gum sticks and we applied it properly on the chair our respectable math teacher was supposed to sit on.

The killing time came and we were more curious for your prank rather than worrying about the math test. As planned the teacher came distributed the sheets and sat on his gluey chair. As he sat on the almost everyone in the class was looking at him and his chair instead of looking at the question paper. One thing that I was sure off was the fact that I won’t be able to concentrate on my math question paper and will get the most achievable marks of my school career.

Our cycle test use to be for an hour and this amount of time would have been perfect for making a permanent settlement between the ass and chair. Let us leave that thing aside and get back on track. So the hour came to approach as a few minutes were left for its completion. Official, the hour has gone and the test is over. But wait what’s wrong with our teacher, he is trying to be on his feet but his ass is stuck with the chair.

Bingo! It was happening as planned. I wish I could go back to that time and relive that moment. By all means it was the funniest prank of my life. Our math teacher was looking baffled as he had no idea what has happened. Before any action could be taken, we decided to leave the class. But later we came to know that after a long struggle the teacher was free from the chair trap. One thing he will always regret is the trouser he lost.

Stuck at work

I guess I wrote the above one a bit too long, but I live make it up with some crazy ideas for your school prank. Now I have some of the great school prank ideas that you can defiantly try at your school level. Warning: – No help from seniors needed.

2. Kegging

It basically refers to the act of pulling somebody’s pants, underwear, shorts or skirt’s waistband. By revealing the person’s genitalia, this prank is played to him, making him feel embarrass. Well, Debagging is considered as sexual harassment in some countries and therefore it results into immediate suspension or eviction.

Chinese burn: While playing this prank, the forearm of the victim are held firmly in both the hands of the prankster and are then twisted in opposite directions to stretch the victim’s skin, making it red and sore. It is in United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, where this prank is known as “Indian burn” or “Chinese burn”. In India, it is known by the name of “buffalo skin; in Canada by the name of “snake bite” or “Indian rub”. In States, people call this prank “Indian sunburn”.  Similarly, there are many more names for this prank. Different countries of this world, knows it by different names.


3. Khanco

In order to play this prank you need a victim whose hands are gripped together in such a way that the index fingers are pointed out in an attempt to hit and insert into the anal region of the victim. When the victim is not looking, it is played to him sharply and instantly; causing him pain.


4. Shoe Lacing

This prank involves the tying of a victim’s shoe laces together. This can be better tried while the victim is seated and distracted. You can even try to tie the shoe laces to a nearby object such as a chair leg. This may cause the victim to unexpectedly trip or stumble when attempting to get up and move. This prank may be combined with an additional prank which can provoke the victim into getting up and running after the prankster, resulting in a more prominent effect. A related but more destructive prank involves secretly cutting the shoelaces with scissor.

Shoe Lacing

5. Spitball

A “spitball” is a clump of paper that the prankster has chewed and steeped in his saliva, to be thrown, spat, or blown at a person or object. If not removed from some types of surface, they dry and harden into a sort of paper cement. Small spitballs are often propelled by placing them in a straw or the shaft of a disassembled hollow pen and blowing through the other end. Larger spitballs are sometimes flicked with the fingers, a flexible ruler or through the use of a rubber band. Sometimes, whole sheets of paper are crumpled and inserted into the mouth for a period of up to five minutes to form a large spitball that is usually thrown manually.


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