Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Out of all the weapons in the world, the most powerful and the deadliest one is the power of speech. Words are the most important tools, which when used properly can change any situation. The world is known to be in control of people who know how to use the power of words. From Shakespeare to Hitler, all relied heavily on words to influence people and to find a place in people’s hearts. A persuasive speech is the only way in which words can be used to ensure actions in return from those who hear it. No one likes to hear speeches that are boring. People want to listen to speeches that can lift their spirits up and motivate them to do something better for themselves, for their families, for their country, and for the world.

While most people have their emphasis on information, adding a little bit style in the way a speech is delivered will help you get the message across better. However, before you could begin to prepare your speech, it’s time to have a look at the interesting persuasive speech topics. You should keep in mind that the topics should be such that it appeals to the conscience of normal people. The topic or the subject should be chosen very carefully, keeping in mind the sentiments of people.

Mentioned below are some of the interesting topics that would add weight-age to your words.

Interesting persuasive speech topics

1. Environmental Issues

We witness the disintegrating face of our nature everyday around us. It is very important for us to bring this to common people’s notice. This topic should be backed with a lot of research. One important thing that you must remember while preparing your speech on this topic is this that it should appeal to normal people. Keep in mind the mindset of normal people, as this will help you to put necessary emotions and logic in your speech.

You need to remember that you have accurate information and relevant knowledge on the subject. Choosing topics that concern people is always well received and appreciated. Under this you can put various sub- headings like; the importance of sustainable development, use of non- renewable sources of energy like wind etc. ,and global problem of global warming.

2. Education

Education is the source of power from which an individual can derive his/ her strength. Though the importance of education is well known, yet some people choose to neglect it. You can construct your speech around the phenomenon of enlightenment which comes through awareness and which leads to education. Knowledge should be valued more than silver or gold. You can research about the education graph of your country and then of your state in order to make the point clear to the people about the importance of education.

Education is awareness and hence it is not limited to curriculum. Education can be of various types. Lot of subheadings can come under this topic. Subheadings like, sex education, importance of higher education, advantages of a college degree, role of music and arts in a person’s life, involvement of students and teacher dialogue i.e. learning through interactions etc. All these topics will help you to make your speech effective, informative and interesting.

3. Laws

Since the beginning of creation, law has existed, yet it couldn’t stop people from breaking it. We need to have a sense of responsibility towards our neighbor, if we want the prosperity of our nation. Laws are there to decrease crime. It can never eliminate crime. A sense of duty should be there in each one of us. You can prepare your speech on the topic of laws and ethics. You can spread awareness by putting forward some laws which are unknown to a normal person. People get the idea of the law only after breaking it.

There are many laws, rights and duties of a citizen, that people are unaware of. You need to do a proper research and collect all the relevant information. Your speech should not only be informative but it should also be interesting if you want it to affect people. There are various subheadings that come under law which you can include in your speech. Subheadings like, laws regarding abortions, cyber laws, human rights, capital punishments, juvenile laws etc.

4. Social Issues

There are some issues that we witness everyday around us. We see those things, remember those things but never do anything about it. Our society is headed towards a place that is not pleasant. With society lacking the basic knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, everything has become chaotic. Whenever people stand up to fight the evils of the society, they are shut down by calling them rogues, anti- society etc. You can begin your speech by mentioning the problems prevailing in our society and how from time to time people have risen to the occasion to save us from them.

Your speech should be well researched and should contain accurate information. You need to make people understand that society don’t make people, but people make up a society and hence society has to become receptive to new ideas before ridiculing them and labelling them as heresy. You can put up various questions in your speech like the question or arguments regarding gay marriages, family violence, importance of family planning, importance of freedom of speech etc.

5. General Issues

Some issues are important while some only catches attention. You need to be very careful in selecting general issues like actors, models and musicians as role models to teenagers, banning of smoking in public areas etc. The only disadvantage in choosing general topics is that people have grown accustomed to these issues and no more pay any attention to it. You need to bring out the lesser known side in order to make people understand the importance of these general issues.

You need a proper research. Go through various speeches on general issues so that you know how to say the same things in a different way. You need to make sure that you have full knowledge of the subject as it will help you make people understand better.

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