Interesting Informative Speech Topics That will Make you Popular

 The power of words can never be underestimated. The world is held together by the power of words. It is said that, ‘’words have power to kill or to give life!’’ Words, when used constructively and creatively, can influence masses. When words are put together in a sentence to make an influential and informative speech, its impact is tremendous. If you are planning to prepare a speech that can inspire and invoke a sense of duty among people, then this article is for you. When you stand before people to say something, you should be very careful. Incomplete or half knowledge can be very dangerous.

One of the most important things to remember before you can think of preparing a speech is the topic. This article will provide you with some interesting informative speech topics that will help you to select the right one for the right audience. It is very important for you to choose topics carefully. When you choose a topic, you have to keep in mind the ways in which it can affect people. Your article should be well researched and properly constructed in simple words, so that people can understand it easily. The message in your speech should be very clear to the audience, and this is possible only when you choose the right topics and collect all the relevant information.

Mentioned below are some topics that will help you to prepare your speech properly.

1. Environment

The disintegration of our ecosystem is growing at an alarming rate. Many people are aware of it, some are not and others have no clue how its disintegration can affect them. Hence, the topic of environmental problems can be a good catch. It should be well researched, backed with solid facts so that people are able to understand the seriousness of the matter. The main aim of any speech is to bring forward any issue in an informative and interesting way.

Since the issue of environmental problems is not new to us, you can have a detailed account of all the calamities that were caused by the greed of man which forced nature to spill its fury. Under this topic you can include various sub topics so that each point of yours is clearly stated in your speech. Sub topics can include, global warming, sustainable development, renewable sources of energy etc.


2. Education

The role of education in the life of an individual can never be neglected. Education is awareness and is important and needed at every stage of life. Education is not only limited to curriculum followed in schools and colleges, it is the information that at times people are unaware of. In your speech, you should put more emphasis on the phenomenon of enlightenment which is true learning. With more youth dropping out of schools and out of college, the emphasis should be on the importance of completing education.

Education, as said earlier is not limited to curriculum. A lot of sub headings can be put under this topic to make your speech more informative and interesting. Sub- headings can include the importance of sex education to people, the concept and prevention of AIDS, completion of school and degree etc. Make sure that you put all the information in the speech properly and practice it before delivering it.


3. Laws

Most people are unaware of the laws, rights and duties. A detailed research will ensure the information is conveyed properly to the masses. Though many people are aware of the laws, yet they don’t follow them. Construct your speech in such a way that you invoke a sense of duty among the masses that hear you. You can choose to emphasis on the importance of following the laws and make them understand how important it is for the betterment of your city and nation.

As you research on the various laws and rights of a citizen, try to put them in an interesting way in your speech so that it doesn’t sound boring. It is very important for the orator to make the audience hooked to his/ her words. Try dealing with some prevalent problems, so that people are enlightened. You can include the laws regarding abortion, need for a moral law etc.


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