Informative Speech Topics for College Students

As a high school student seeking admission in a reputed college, you’ll have to either write a good essay on a relevant topic in your own words and/or deliver a persuasive speech in front of a dignified gathering. Both kinds of assignments can be baffling and tricky because you’d be in a fix to choose the suitable themes that will arrest the attention of the listeners, from a multiplicity of topics, and get them engaged. A majority of students looking to gain admission in their colleges of choice find it an uphill task not only when it comes to writing out the essay or speech topic but on delivering a speech as well.


The first difficulty most students encounter is selecting the theme or the subject to speak about as there are thousands of topics to choose from. It’s not a question of picking on a topic at random from a given list. The theme or subject matter has to be pertinent and appropriate enough for the occasion and it should not be outdated or obsolete. For instance, if you’re applying for admission with economics as your major, then you’d be expected to hold forth on any current economic issue. You’d have to conduct extensive research on the topic you’re going to pitch on.

That in essence would mean keeping yourself updated about what’s happening in the world around you. You’ll have to read the newspapers on a daily basis, surf the net regularly that’ll keep you posted on the latest events from all corners of the globe and watch debates and discussions on TV. Your success in delivering an enlightening and informative speech that’ll help you in connecting with your audience will to a considerable extent depend on the quality of your research.

If you take the trouble of keeping yourself informed and updated, then you’ll have a concrete idea of the themes or subjects that is going to interest the group of people or gathering that you’ll speak to. Research, research, and endless research is going to be your keyword if you don’t want to risk picking up a topic that’ll end up boring your audience.

Clearly, selecting on a speech topic that you can persuasively and convincingly speak about to keep your audience absorbed is undoubtedly going to be an onerous and complicated task. So, how to find your way through the labyrinthine maze where endless topics are strewn about? You can address the problem by finding out the likely issues or subject-matters you can speak about from the concerned authority or person.

On most occasions, colleges and academic institutions for higher studies furnish students seeking admission, with a list or catalogue of topics on which they can develop their write-up for delivering an informative and riveting speech. In case the college that you’ve applied to for admission does not have any such list, you can contact the relevant person and get him or her to give you an idea of the areas to prepare upon.

If you can captivate your audience with your oratorical and elocution skills, you can go back home feeling confident that your admission now is more or less a bygone conclusion. The topic that you choose to speak about and the way you hold forth on the same must inspire your listeners to ask you questions. The central idea behind choosing a persuasive speech topic that is informative as well is to arouse inquisitiveness in the audience. You certainly don’t want your speech topic to be such that they have to sit through your speech as you speak perfunctorily, and then breathe a sigh of relief after you’ve completed it.

As a potential college student you must decide on a compelling and resourceful topic that the audience will keep talking about long after you’ve delivered your oration. Your topic should not only be informative enough but you should also deliver it astutely. You should never lose track of the fact that ‘how you say it’ is as important as ‘what you say’. Although deciding on a topic or theme can be pretty tough, the following list of Informative Speech Topics for College Students might make your task a wee bit convenient.

Informative Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Are we doing enough to save our lonely planet?
  2. How to tackle the problem of overpopulation?
  3. Do you foresee a World War III? Will it be nuclear (in case it breaks out)?
  4. What steps can be taken to completely stop animal abuse?
  5. Shouldn’t the owning of exotic pets be banned?
  6. Space exploration in the near future.
  7. What about the morality or ethical aspect of blowing up huge sums of money for space exploration?
  8. How realistic or unrealistic is the belief that robots will take over human beings in the future?
  9. Do you support human cloning?
  10. The advent of the Internet and it’s indispensability in the present world.
  11. Are we losing our privacy because of the Internet?
  12. Are IP (Internet Protocol) statutes to protect one’s privacy stringent enough?
  13. How grave is the issue of cyber crime?
  14. Is there any chance of a biological warfare breaking out in the near or far future?
  15. How’ll you defend yourself in the event of a biological warfare?
  16. What are computer viruses? Can they actually make a computer dysfunctional?
  17. What are the different kinds of computer viruses?
  18. Are alternative and renewable energy sources going to replace the non-renewable energy sources?
  19. Are we going to lose our rainforests in the future?
  20. The importance of formal education for building a successful career.
  21. What are the most profitable student jobs?
  22. Are we getting overly dependent on antibiotics?
  23. Are people watching less television nowadays?
  24. What is the modus operandi of Internet commercials and advertisements?
  25. Does advertising on the net create a better impact than advertising on TV?
  26. Inventive ideas on conflict resolution.
  27. Is the media becoming overly intrusive?
  28. Should restrictions be imposed on the media’s freedom?
  29. What is the significance of consuming a balanced diet?
  30. How to start a nutritious and healthy dieting regimen?
  31. How beneficial are antioxidants for your body?
  32. How to find time for exercises on a routine basis when you have a very busy schedule?
  33. What causes stress or what are the factors that lead to stress?
  34. How to cope with stress without taking medicines?
  35. The causes of depression.
  36. How to tackle depression?
  37. Is it all right to lose weight abruptly?
  38. How to shed the extra kilos in an integrated and sustained manner?
  39. The adverse effects of smoking.
  40. It is too difficult to give up smoking?
  41. How to give up smoking for good?
  42. Does switching to e-cigarettes a viable alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes?
  43. Should gay marriages be accepted socially?
  44. Will it be possible to weed out racial discrimination completely?
  45. Must all nations have democratic forms of government?
  46. What is the rationale behind promoting specific types of professions or careers?
  47. How to effectively confront and control the growing menace of AIDS?
  48. Should every citizen be allowed to own weapons (for self-defence)?
  49. What led to the downfall of the Holy Roman Empire?
  50. The life and times of Machiavelli?
  51. The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler?
  52. The World Wars (I and II).
  53. How slavery came to be abolished?
  54. Are there aliens in outer space?
  55. Why haven’t they contacted us yet?
  56. Or, rather why have we failed to established contact with aliens?
  57. Which personality has influenced you the most? Who’re your role models?
  58. What you do you want to be in your life?
  59. What role does religion play in society?
  60. Do you believe in god?
  61. What makes soccer so popular?
  62. Do you believe that personal freedom is being compromised with for the sake of national security? 

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