Important Announcemet Please Read.

exam timeHi all. First of all thanks for your great response towards this blog. Because of your love and kindness I have got a pretty decent alexa ranking keeping in mind that this is still a new blog. I have tried to bring you best stuff from around the web.

But here is kindda sad news, I am going back to my college today. I am a university student I am in the final year of my course. I will remain off for 2 months, no posting no discussionssedih

But hey I’ll come back in January with lots of new xclusive stuff. I am going back for my exams. Thanks for understanding.

Please Wish me luck and you take care. See you soon.

Edit: I will try to post in between kenyit

Best Regards


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  2. Anonymous November 17, 2008
  3. Bariski November 19, 2008

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