Ideas to Surprise Your Husband When He Comes Home

Everybody likes surprises. It plays a very important role in the lives of couples who are either married or are planning to get married someday. If you think your married life is going down under and you are wondering how you can make it exciting and freshen it up once again, then you are at the right spot. This article will provide you with different ideas to surprise your husband when he comes home. Mostly, when husbands return home they are expecting something good and pleasant. A married life hits a rock bottom when that expectation is greeted with constant disappointments.

As a wife, if you think your husband is bored or is finding the marriage a hindrance in life then its high time you did something. Firstly, you need to understand when things become way too obvious in a marriage, it is taken for granted.  If your husband feels it in that way, the mistake cannot be entirely his. The lack of appreciation or display of love could be the reason that your married life is not as lovely and sweet as your relationship was prior to marriage. Most marriages suffer due to lack of efforts from either of the party. This article will help you regain the magic of love in your marriage and will also make your husband fall in love with you all over again.


1. Cook his Favorites:

This idea is sure to win the heart of your husband. As the saying goes, ‘the way to man’s heart goes through his stomach!’ Although you cook for him every day, choose a day from the week and prepare all his favorite dishes. You can also choose to make the settings very romantic. Decorate the house if possible or make it a simple but an elegant candle-light diner. When your husband comes home from work, he would be expecting a normal dinner. But, when he sees the settings at home he will surely be surprised and this will help you get his appreciation.

As you treat him with all his favorite delicacies, he will surely love your move and your effort will be rewarded when you see the joy on his face. Like all wives, husbands too get this feeling that their wifes are no more interested in them. This move of your’s is sure to nail all his doubts on the cross. As you sit and enjoy the dinner together, put on some light music to accompany or any of his favorite song. This will make the evening a very romantic one.

2. Call his Friends Home:

Most married couples feel that getting married means end of their relationship with their friends. When a marriage, like any other, goes through a rough phase they tend to miss their friends. Most couples are unable to handle this kind of ‘loneliness’ and this prompts them to look for love outside marriage. As a wife, you can ensure that your husband’s friends are not left out of his life. Call them often for dinner, so that your husband doesn’t feel that you are intruding his freedom.

To begin with, you call up his best buddies, select a day and call them home for a surprise dinner. Make sure that your move is kept under wraps, so that when your husband comes home and hears the word ‘SUPRISE’, he will surely be very happy. You can also choose to cook his favorite delicacies. Don’t let a special occasion set the mood of celebration. One day in a week, say a Saturday can be filled with any kind of celebration at your home. Once you have made this a routine, you choose the alternate weekends to call your friends also home, so that you don’t feel left out and also so that your husband also gets to catch up with your friends. This move will promote a healthy and balanced married life where prosperity, peace and love will flow like a river!

3. Movie Time:

If you guys have been planning for a movie for a long time and have been unable to go out due to his work, then take this opportunity to show him that you care. Most of the times in a marriage, if one of the partners doesn’t make any attempt towards anything – the other one also follows his/ her footsteps and this leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Buy the tickets for the movie you guys have wanted to see and surprise him with that when he comes home.

When your husband sees your effort, he will surely feel loved and cared and most of all – understood. From next time on, you will see your husband making efforts for anything like this. Most couples fail to realise that love is a verb, it lives in their actions. Somehow, they forget this basic principle after marriage and hence their marriages suffer and sometimes break.

4. Gift:


Gifts form a very intimate part of a relationship. Most couples take their spouses for-granted and hence the age old ritual of giving a gift to your lover seems to get lost in time. As a wife, you can make the first attempt and present your husband with the gift he has been craving for. It could be a golf kit or a designer watch or the tickets to a baseball match. Just follow this advice and you will see the change in your husband’s attitude.

Nothing will give a man more pleasure than seeing his wife taking and understanding his wants. Once in a while, it is alright to fulfil their wishes. Just imagine the width of the smile that you’re going to put on your husband’s face when he comes home from his work and is presented with this gift.  This move of your’s is sure to stir his heart and you will be at the receiving end of love. A gift in time is sure to remind him all the days of his life when he was cared and understood and this will definitely make him love you even more.

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