Ideas To Motivate Your Boyfriend to Build Muscle

You’ve a boyfriend with whom you’ve been going steady for the last couple of years and the association seems to be getting stronger with every passing day. But of late, you’ve noticed that his lifestyle has become more sedentary as he prefers to spend his leisure time sitting in front of the television, texting friends or playing video games on his iPhone. Perhaps it’s the feeling of security surrounding the relationship that has made him more laidback and cushy.

Whatever be the reason, you can’t help ignore the fact that he has been putting on weight gradually making him obese and also giving him a rotund appearance. Since you really adore your boyfriend and have already decided to settle down with him sooner or later, it is quite natural for you to be concerned about his wellbeing and overall health.

You want to keep on loving him in the same way as you’ve done for all these years but at the same time you don’t want your caring and compassion to come in the way of his sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Since your boyfriend looks up to you for support and encouragement, you can motivate him to workout on a regular basis so that he can develop a robust physique maybe with six-pack abs.

This is the age of exhibitionism where almost everybody is into flaunting his or her physical assets as much as one’s creative skills.  So why not inspire your boyfriend to build his muscles so that he can become as handsome as any Hollywood hunk and as athletic and brawny as your favorite sportsman.

You’d have to egg him on to either join a gym or exercise in the cool comfort of his home. If your persuasive skills fail to move him out of his couch, then go and buy gym memberships for both of you and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at his enthusiasm about working out. Apart from subscribing to memberships of fitness clubs there are a host of other Ideas to Motivate Your Boyfriend to Build Muscle.


1. Set an Example      

Asking your boyfriend to workout can be a tall order particularly if you’re not into exercising yourself. Therefore if you really want your man to hit the gym on a daily basis you too would’ve to be enterprising in the first place. If you get involved in his exercising regimen, he’d be encouraged to workout on a daily basis.

2. Supplementing His Workout Program

Stretching out in the gym on a routine basis can get tedious even for the most diehard of bodybuilders. If your boyfriend does not go to the gym routinely because he finds it monotonous then you can egg him on to temper his fitness program with cycling, jogging, swimming or rock climbing. Let him go for cardiovascular exercises once in a while by stepping on the treadmill or the stationary bike.

3. Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

If both of you have tight schedules, it might be difficult for you or your boyfriend to find time for workouts on a daily basis. In such a case, you can draw up a schedule for the entire month well in advance and in a manner that both of you can sustain. Once you get accustomed to a monthly routine, chalk out a long-term workout regimen that can keep you going strong as a couple. Having identical health objectives can go a long way in not only making your bodies tougher but fortifying your association as well.

4. Have Nourishing and Balanced Meals

Along with daily exercises, one also needs to have healthy and balanced meals to stay in the prime of his or her health. Trying to tone up the body and develop the sinews leads to a high degree of calorie burn-up making one thoroughly exhausted and spent after the workout session.

Your boyfriend would need to replenish his body with the calories he has lost by taking high energy foods and balanced meals. Cook nourishing meals for your boyfriend and enrich his diet with foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Let him have more of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and make him stay away from fast foods and processed foods as much as possible.

5. Make Him Aware About the Universal Appeal of a Well-Toned Body

There’s hardly any person on earth who does love to be flattered and it holds good for your boyfriend as well. Flatter him more often about his build, and how he can enhance his sex appeal by exercising on a habitual basis (for muscle building). Your boyfriend must have learned by experience that a majority of women get attracted to men who have a chiseled and well toned body. Although you’ll not want your man to be swamped over and chased by other women but you’ll surely revel in the attention your boyfriend gets from other maidens.

6. Having a Well Chiseled Body Will Heighten His Self-Esteem

Once your boyfriend makes it a habit of going to the gym, he’ll soon start noticing the change that takes over in his body. His body will become more muscular and sinewy which in turn will boost his self-esteem as well. Your boyfriend might have previously felt that it was beyond him to have a well formed body with a washboard abdomen but now when his dream is turning into a reality, he’ll be eager to stay the course.

7. Stoke the Fires of Jealousy in Him

If your boyfriend happens to be an individual with a one-track mind, then all your sincere attempts to send him to the gym might come a cropper. In such an eventuality, you can tickle his male ego by broaching the subject of other men whom you find more appealing. Such talk will make him jealous. He’ll not be able to endure the fact that you find other males more attractive than him and it’ll spur him to register for a gym membership the very next day.

9. Complement Him for His Effort and Reward Him

Compliment your boyfriend on his progress and encourage his efforts more often. Encouragement and inspiration can work wonders. The best way of complimenting him for his success would be to buy him a good pair of jogging shoes or a treadmill on which he can carry out cardiovascular exercises in the comfort of his home. Be persevering and patient as it’ll take time to see his endeavors bearing fruit.

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