6 Unique Ideas to Make a Conversation Interesting

Conversation is the most important part of a human life. The existence of human civilisation is due to the existence of words in our life. Words are the most important and powerful tool that man has. It is very important to have a good conversation in our day to day life with the people we live with. The free flow of thoughts and words are possible only when there is open conversation between two people. Be it in a relationship or in the professional field, a conversation is always very important and determining. A dull conversation does not really go well in the long run.

You may be going out on a first date and are wondering what to talk about or how to keep the momentum of the conversation going or you might be going out on a business lunch and thinking by yourself if you can keep the clients interested in the deal. If you have even been in any of these situations and are looking for a solution, then you are at the right spot. People all around the world struggle to keep a conversation alive and interesting. The problem is a global one and is not limited to an individual. As you read on, you will find out different ideas to make a conversation interesting. An honest approach towards this will ensure a good and interesting conversation.

make conversation interesting

1. Don’t Make A List:

Most people find themselves in a very embarrassing situation when they are unable to carry on a conversation. They mentally make a long list of subjects or topics they would like to speak on, but end up confusing themselves and others with their talk. It is better not to make a long list in your mind. A conversation is meant to be spontaneous. When you plan it, it will reflect in your words. If you are out on a date and you want to keep the conversation alive and interesting, then be spontaneous. Instead of speaking on planned issues, you can choose to talk on anything that is latest. It could be about the social issues (avoid it on a date, though!), latest fashion trends or new movie releases. You can choose to talk on the subject that interests your partner (this is possible only when you pay attention to their words!).

Similarly, if you have a business lunch coming up where you have to meet up with the clients or with business representatives, then avoid talking on controversial issues. Talking on general issues that concerns a common man will prove helpful.

2. Don’t Talk Nonsense:

When you can’t talk, avoid talking nonsense. When caught in a situation where you can see the conversation dying out moment by moment, take a pause. People usually, at times like these, end up talking of things not related to the topic. By talking senselessly, they spoil the conversation that could have been made interesting by talking about subjects related to the topic.

Avoid talking about sports to your date or about personal problems on a business lunch. Some people find it very difficult to maintain the rhythm of a conversation even when they are with friends. You need to become a part of a conversation, in order to have a conversation.

3. Don’t Crack Offensive Jokes:

It’s always good to be jovial and to crack jokes in between conversations. Jokes can make a boring conversation come alive and interesting. To have a healthy talk, it is important to have some light moments in between but there is a word of caution. Do not crack jokes which offend someone or jokes related to a particular community as it can hamper a good talking session. Hurting someone by the means of our jokes can be unkind and also ill-mannered. Keep a track of what you are talking about.

Some people think making fun of others is very cool. But the truth is, it is not. A healthy talk is devoid of offending jokes. People also crack poor jokes, which again don’t go well with everyone. If you lack sense of humour then avoid experimenting with it. It is better to have few light moments in a conversation than to have a series of poor jokes.

4. Don’t Discuss Sensitive Issues:

While having a conversation, there always comes a stage where the conversation drifts towards the forbidden side, which means sensitive topics like religion, caste, prejudice.  There can be people from different walks of life in a conversation and sensitive topics might hurt the sentiments of these people. It is wise to keep away from such topics. Do not make any remarks on any community. If the conversation drifts to that side, change the topic and get to the relevant topic again.

Try giving a light tone to the conversation. Talking about sensitive issues generally makes a conversation very sensitive. You never know which remark of yours can hurt the sentiments of the other person. It is better to talk on topics which come in the general section.

5. Don’t Pretend:

The best way to make a conversation interesting is to be yourself. Sometimes we try to ape other people and adopt their techniques or talking style. It is best to keep away from pretence and be natural. Many people try to act like others, which makes them look very artificial. This can leave a negative impact on other listeners and can make you look foolish.

Be what you are, express yourself freely and be approachable so that other people can discuss things openly with you. Whatever is there in your mind, try to speak it out but remember to mind your choice of words and tone of speech. Expressing yourself doesn’t mean you won’t give others a chance to speak.  Be open to discussions where everyone can speak their mind. Conversation is about being tactful, jovial, natural and sensible.

6. Don’t Over-Try

Don’t over try to be the life of every conversation. If you can’t maintain a conversation, just be normal and do not be too loquacious. It can hamper a good, healthy conversation. People who over-try to strive for an interesting conversation, end up making it worse. They crack silly jokes, touch sensitive issues which they can’t handle and pretend to be someone they are not. The best way to make a conversation interesting is by not over trying for it

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