Ideas to Keep your Husband Interested in You

Marriage, the holy oath of oneness, is the on-set of a new journey for your relationship. You have just stepped into a life that holds responsibility. Now, you have a family to look after, a husband who needs you all the while. If you are going to stay with your in-laws, it is going to be added responsibility for you. At the same time, you need to devote certain amount of attention towards your career too and allow it to grow. If you start concentrating on one side and do not allow a balance in your life, you may just lose all that you have just found. As important as your other marital duties are, there is a certain amount of balance that you need to maintain with your husband so that he does not lose interest in you. The relationship should never be taken for granted. You can develop a certain comfort level but, remember you have to always work towards your marriage.

keeping husband interested

1. Keep up the Good Looks

You are married and now looks have taken a back seat. Well this is really not good. You need to look and feel good. Pampering yourself would make you look and feel good and also get your husband to notice you. Dress properly even when you are at home. Don’t tie yourself to a night gown at home or wear mismatched clothes when you move out. Look your glamourous self even after marriage. A bit of makeup, regular manicure and pedicure and lots of care would get even the busiest husband on this earth to notice his wife. Remember, marriage does not mean you lose the old you. It means finding a new person within.

2. Let Communication Never Die

Nobody knows you completely. A part of you is known, the other part is a mystery. This holds true for every relationship on this earth including marriage. Some people might say that it is not good to have some part unknown. But it works in favour of a marriage. When you have some mystery, you still have something to communicate about. This way you learn some new things about your partner. A bit of mystery allows your husband to be interested in you! If everything was known, there would be no point in dragging the relationship. Remember something new always attracts.

3. Work on Interests

You and your husband got attracted to each other due to several interest areas that happen to be common to the two of you. This actually got you started. But there are various interest areas that don’t match. For example he might love football but you on the other hand prefer watching a music show. How about watching a football match with him and getting him to watch a musical concert with you. Working on each other’s interest areas would give you lots to experience and learn. In fact you would have a new bonding between the two of you and this bonding is what you need so that your husband stays interested in you. Look out for new arenas where you can bond so that boredom does not creep in.

4. Go on a Date

This might sound like a teenager activity, but it is one of the best ways to stay attracted to each other. You don’t have to go out into the busy city to enjoy a date. Cook his favourite dish or order something from outside. Get a movie CD, place candles and enjoy a movie with candlelight dinner at home. Give him the special treatment by choosing the movie and food as per his taste. This together time is very necessary especially after getting involved in the marital responsibilities. These regular tit bits would spice up the romance in your life.

5. Don’t Refrain from Intimacy

A small hug, a peck on the cheek and nice loving brush along his hair are all signs of intimacy levels. It is very necessary to maintain the relationship. A deeper intimacy level as in the sexual intimacy is also required to maintain a healthy marital relationship. You could work on this by involving yourself completely into the act. You could make the teasing seem good. Read a couple of books and articles to help you get intimate in a better way. Physical needs are important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

6. Give Him Space

One of the most important things that is needed in a relationship is respecting each other’s space. If you can go out with your friends, why cannot he go out with his guy friends? What makes you so insecure when he visits his friends without you? He needs that time alone. There are some conversations that only men can have and you need to respect that need. So, give him space so that he can do what he wishes to. He may want to go out for this upcoming game or want to watch a movie or two with his friends. Allow him that space. It would help you keep the good things in the relationship.

7. Take a Day Off

You should once in a month take a day off and move out to a good destination nearby just to chill out. Spending a day with him alone makes a lot of difference to your relationship. You both need a break from your respective work and other responsibilities and be together for just a day or two. Book yourself a resort with a spa. Enjoy the lovely spa together and probably a nice quiet game or two at the resort. This would rejuvenate your energies for the coming days.

8. A Day for the Family

Family gatherings are often fun-filled. They give you stuff to talk about later in the night. Call in your extended family and get together. There need not be any occasion for a family gathering. In fact this fun filled exercise gives you a lot to talk about after it is over.

Involvement is the key to a relationship’s happiness and strength.

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