12 Fresh Ideas to Keep Your Employees Happy

Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand, your organization and you. If you want people to talk good about your brand, you need to ensure that your ambassadors are happy. It takes small efforts to keep your employees happy but, most employers seem to avoid it. They feel it too tasking and hence they leave nothing but frustration for employees. If employees are treated properly you would not have to face attrition or any other HR problems. Keeping your employees happy has some real simple steps which would not take much of your time or attention.

keep employees happy

1. Keep a Little Faith

Every employer feels that his employee would steal his secrets and share it with his competitors. A very valid fear but in the process you are actually ruining the growth of your employee and the organization. Instead of hiding the facts from your employee, how about sharing a bit with him so that you get better ideas from the young talent! If you have faith in your recruit you are actually looking at the better of your organization and in turn lowering chances of attrition. An employee looks at the company from the growth perspective.

2. Get to Know Them

A casual dialogue with your employee on a daily basis helps keep them motivated. If you ask your employee how he is, it makes a lot of difference to them. Your concern helps keep their motivation levels up. They might just share a concern or two with you when you ask them such questions. It gives them room for open discussions and to approach you within the office.

3. Give them Room

Let them grow on their own. Stop spoon feeding them at every level. Give them a task with a deadline and let them take the task forward in their own way. In this way you are allowing mistakes and probably growth of a new talent at the same time. You are also giving them space to unwind. This way your employee stays happy and productive. The work gets done within the time frame.

4. The Freebies

How great do you feel when you get something for free at times. Giving out some lunch coupons, a trip or maybe some film tickets as a freebie could get your employee to feel happy. These reasons for happiness could turn into longer stays than expected, by the employee at your organization. Remember everyone loves to get free gifts and loads of appreciation.

5. Train Them Well

Getting trained is the basic right of every employee. When a person joins your organization, he is new to every aspect of your organization. You should train your employee before getting him started with the actual work. 2-3 month training is always good for the newcomer.

6. The Office Environment

The environment within the office makes a great difference to all concerned. If you allow music to be played or keep a happy atmosphere where the employees are allowed to joke around, you have created the best place to work in. Allowing your employees to raise concern every once in a while is also a sign of a good atmosphere. A boss should ideally be approachable and should greet his employees on his arrival. This allows the employees to interact with the boss and ensures super growth of both the organization and employees.

7. The Happy Hours

Once in a while, taking your staff out for lunch or drinks is a real good idea. It is during this period of relaxation that you get to connect with your employees. You may also get to have personal conversations with your employee, know a little about him or her. A good employer-employee relation builds over such happy hours. It is good to relax with your employees.

8. Promotions, Incentives & Bonuses

Every once in a while, review their work and grant them the bonus, incentive or promotion they have earned. Appreciate good work, it always works well. If you like your employee’s work, it is good to appreciate them with some sort of bonus. This enhances their performance and in turn increases the profits of the organization. If you are looking at growing your organization, you need to give such kind of incentives to your employees from time to time.

9. Work From Home

Every employee treasures the chance to work from home. If you really wish to retain your employees, give them chance to work from home every once in a while. This gives them a chance to approach their work casually and be good at it. It is noticed that work from home gets more employees to stay glued to their smart phones and makes them motivated.

10. Lessen the Interruptions

If your employee is working against time, with a very important project, it is best to leave him alone at that time. Do not schedule unnecessary meetings with him at that time as it might interrupt his work time and thus the productivity grows less. In fact avoid meetings as much as possible and allow them to work at their own pace. Also writing unnecessary mails or answering them at that time could reduce the employee’s pace of work. So, ensure that there are absolutely no client detailing or meetings at the time of the most important work.

11. The Balanced Life

He is your employee but remember he is a family person as well. So when you ask your employee to stay back late nights for reasons that can wait, you are actually taking away his balanced life and creating imbalances. If it is not important, let him go and allow him to work tomorrow. Just make sure that the deadline is communicated to him.

12. Allow Social Media

Impact of social media is really good to boost an employee’s morale. If you allow him the break to social media, he would feel relaxed and the productivity would increase thus leading to growth of the organization.

Try to get the best out of your employees! You should try and create independent people who work towards the growth of the organization.

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