Ideas to Have Permanent Hair Extensions

It’s a prolonged process to grow hair long, as hair growth is dependent on the quality-texture and natural constituent of everyone’s hair. The speed at which hair grows also plays a vital role in this process. However, with hair extensions, you can have hair of any length that really looks real. Ideas to have permanent hair extensions herein can reduce the period of having long hair only to one or two hours. These one or two hours that you sacrifice during the setting up of extension will offer you the stunningly long hair of the length that you prefer. Don’t worry; you have an alternative of detachable hair extensions too.

Hair extensions are available in various fashions and qualities. Good quality hair extensions are silky and do not interweave easily. When you’re sure to have permanent hair extensions, be very careful about their installation process. This care is to be taken primarily because of everyone’s different hair quality. If hair extensions mismatch your own way of hair care, it may ruin them. If apt care is taken, you can enjoy permanent hair extensions up to 6 months.

hair extensions

Follow the instructions given below, which will render you with permanent hair extensions –

  • First of all, go to find out a certain salon in the vicinity of your residence that has hair extension installation services. If you don’t find any nearby, don’t get frustrated. In the market, certain colors and types of hair extensions are available, that you can install at your home.
  • In general, installation of permanent hair extensions of a full head in a professional salon comprises of labor cost plus the rate of actual hair extensions. Thereafter, you need to consider inevitably that the cost solely depends on the hair quality. Permanent hair extensions also include installation of real and artificial hair. If you purchase hair extension kit of your choice and fit them at home, you can cutback on the labor cost.
  • To begin the process, firstly split your hair. Then put one of the hair lots to the back of the neck and the other in a hair clip. This putting of hair in a clip serves the purpose of keeping the hair layer out of the process.
  • Afterward, from the residual hair hold a thin lock (say, of 4 millimeters).
  • Then, you’ve to fix hair extensions on the top part of real hair. This has to be done at the distance of 1 centimeter away from the scalp.
  • By the hair extension instrument, fix and clutch the hair collectively for about a few seconds.
  • After making the instrument free, clutch the hair downward with your fingers. Move it in such a way that it enfolds all the real hair.
  • Remove excess adhesive in the hair lock by a combor fingers.
  • Continue the same method for all the bottom level of hair too.
  • While continuing the said method, leave 1 centimeter hair level between each part.
  • Also remember that you shouldn’t apply any extension within 7 centimeters of the scalp top, where hair roots are.
  • Thereafter apply side extensions. While applying them, leave a space of 3 centimeters space between hair base and the start of extensions.
  • Fix side extensions with the distance of 3 centimeters between hair roots.
  • Grasp the remaining hair with a clip. Thereafter the same method as stated above is to be repeated for the remaining hair.
  • Always keep the distance of 1.5 centimeters between your hair that is near the scalp and the place of extension installation. This hides the extension.

There are many alternative methods for hair extension application. Some of them are:

Pin-End Extension – This form involves using Remy locks with wax at its end. During installation, extensions are combined with natural hair by heat and glue. As there are no metal balls in this type, you can try any style.

Hemmed Hair Extensions – Herein, tracks are made by braided natural hair. Then, the expert hems the extensions into these tracks. Thus, they get unified with natural hair. You can enjoy this useful method for about 3 months.

Hair-Lock Supported Extensions – In this method hair extensions are fixed to a part of hair locks, by adjusted heat, interlace it into natural hair, glue, polymers or wax. This technique takes lot of time. But it has the advantage too: – it distributes weight of extensions uniformly. Thus natural hair has least harm.

Ring-Supported Extensions – This method uses small metal rings fixed at the hair ends. The expert plaits a small section of hair through nylon rings by glue and a heating clamp. Conversely, if you use this method, curling irons near the scalp and hot oil treatments can’t be used.

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