Ideas for Getting Your Old Job Back

A secure job is the biggest satisfaction in life and it is something that everyone wants. Apart from the job the atmosphere of the place matters too. If the people around you are good and if they value you as a colleague then leaving the job will hurt you immensely. When you are working in an organization, it is important to maintain a good rapport with your co-workers and also follow decorum in the office. A healthy equation with your boss should also be maintained.

Job is not just for financial security, it is a place where you spend a lot of time and also make friends. A good job is a blessing and no one wants to leave it. Sometimes it happens that due to financial constraints, a person has to leave the previous job. Though this decision is practical but it can be hard to follow if the new job is not as congenial as the previous one. When we find ourselves in the midst of a new place where no one knows us and recognises our efforts, we miss our old work-place. Getting back to your old job is not an easy task; it needs proper understanding and a certain level of confidence to get it. Always remember that how you left and why you left the job will make a huge difference. Some ideas to get your old job back are mentioned below.

Ideas for Getting Your Old Job Back

1. Fix an Appointment

To get your old job back, fix an appointment with your old boss at the earliest. Your boss might not feel like talking to you but you have to convince him/her to meet you. It can be a tough task but it will be worth it.

When you meet your old boss, be confident about coming back and tell him/her the reason of leaving the job. He/she should be able to see the desire in your eyes to come back.

2. Be Quick

After joining your new job when you realise that you have made a wrong decision and you wish to go back to your old job, be swift in taking the decision. If your new workplace is not a congenial one and you wish to go back, contact your boss immediately else your position will get filled.

3. Put Forward your Case well

When you meet your old boss, explain your concern properly with conviction. He/she might have a grudge against you for leaving the job but you have to tell him/her that you miss your old job and your co-workers. Also emphasize on the culture of the office and convince your boss that it was a perfect job for you.

When you do this remember that it is very important for you to be honest in what you feel after leaving your old job. Tell him/her what you miss and do not go overboard.

4. Be Honest

Take time out and think why you left the old job and why you want to come back.  Do not put the blame on anyone and take sole responsibility for your decision. When meeting your boss, be honest in explaining him/her the reasons of leaving the job. When reproaching the job remember to tell your boss about your new ideas for the progress of the company and what you want to do to take the company to new heights.

Getting your old job back will also depend on how you left it. Did you give proper notice and complete the formalities? Do you share a good relationship with the HR and your boss?  If you do, then getting your old back your old job will become easier.

5. State your Value

It might happen that your former boss doesn’t like you; in that case you have to stress your worth and show him/her your accomplishments. Take into account your present and previous jobs and then illustrate your hard work for years and your achievements. You have to make him believe that you are an asset to the organization and a valuable employee. Convince him that you will work as hard as you did before.

6. Take Help

Before you plan an entry back into your old workplace, take help from someone influential. Make sure that person still works in the company. Go out for a coffee with him/her and talk to him about your coming back. Do not be direct and ask him/her what is going on in the company. If the person is influential he/she can put in a good word for you. Make sure you explain the reasons for your coming back well to him/her.

7. Update your Resume

There is a good amount of hard work required in getting your old job back. You need to rework on your resume and mention any new skills that you learned after leaving your job. If you worked in the accounts department, mention the kind of work you did. If you took up any new project, mention it on your resume as it will increase your worth and help you to convince your boss. Also include the cover letter when applying for your old job again.

8. Get Feedback

It is very important for you to know whether your old boss likes your work or not.  When you meet him/her to discuss your coming back issue, remember to be crisp and clear on why you want to come back. Be open and explain him the reasons of coming back. If you were a good employee chances are that your boss would like to have you back once again. But if he/she is not keen to have you back, they remember to show eagerness and a willingness to perform well.

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