How Would I Look With Blonde Hair

With the improved techniques in beauty treatment, it’s not very hard now to have blonde hair. However, ‘Everyone can’t be a smash hit with blonde hair’ is a fact. So, before going for the treatment to change your look permanently, there are many options available for you that can tell you clearly that how exactly you would look if you were to be a blonde or if you dye your hair as such? Seriously see how you’d look as a blonde and then try it out. So, if you ask yourself, “How would I look with blonde hair?” don’t just guess. Try it out and see the change for yourself!

An old proverb says, ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes.’ Also, it is supposed, “Blondes are sexy, brunettes are stylish, and redheads are born attention-getters.”

1. Virtual Tool

blonde look

This would be the best tool to see ‘how blonde hair would look on you? With this tool, you can scan your photo on to your computer and then with the help of the tool, you can try special looks, with different hair colors.

2. Your Regular Hairstylist

He/ She would also be a great help to verify how you would look as a blonde. With him/her, you can talk about all the possibilities, tips and advice of coloring your hair blonde. He/She would tell you correctly, whether your complexion would be enhanced or look dull, by blonde hair. You should also take guidance about coloring your eyebrows (if they’ve dark color) to go with your new blonde hair.

3. Temporary Hair-Coloring

If you’re nervous that in the end, you might detest the blonde look, try an impermanent hair color, which should be peroxide and ammonia-free and can be washed out easily. It should also have antioxidants with vitamins C and E. Thus, it should essentially be fit for your hair and assist in their improvement. If you like the blonde look, you may use the rest of the product daily. Although, you wouldn’t turn out to be a good blonde, you can try a very fashionable blonde hair color. It’s an ideal blonde for natural brunettes.

4. Follow the given set of rules to confirm:

Follow these principles to confirm:

  1. With blonde hair as a kid, you’ll expectedly look good as an adult with blonde hair.
  2. If you’ve pink skin that burns easily, and blue or green eyes, you’ll stand tall as a good blonde.
  3. With yellow traces in your skin, you would look pale as a blonde.
  4. Visit a wig shop to try blonde ones. If they make you look pale, believe that blonde doesn’t suit you.

5. Choosing A Correct Color

Before going blonde, always compare the complexion of your face and hair color. With fair skin, too light hair color would be a blunder. Therefore, remember that the best hair color would be an opposite one, which compliments the face.

6. Decide Between Whole Coloring or Highlighting

  • Single-process color is inexpensive than highlights.
  • But becoming a complete blonde makes your looks unusual.
  • With great hair color foundation, you can go for Highlights.
  • Request your hairdresser to focus on the hair around your face. Lighter highlights ‘explode’ your face.
  • If you’ve dark hair all-over, initially your hairdresser will reduce them to a blonde with single-process color, followed by highlights for intensity and feel.
  • Hair looks more natural by highlights. Yet, don’t do it, if you’ve straightened or premed your hair chemically.
  • Never perform more than 2 chemical processes to hair at a time.

7. Blonde Hair Is High Maintenance

blonde hair

Being a blonde is a very high-maintenance task. It needs habitual touch-ups with proper quality products. Thus, you can keep them looking natural and bright.

Due to hair-growth at base, they demand touch-up after a month or two. Highlights can be retained to two or three months, depending on what style you get.

Go for gloss treatment after coloring. That improves color and makes the hair smooth and bright.

If you are sure that you can’t visit your salon often, think about face-framing blonde highlights and lowlights. It looks more natural when it grows out.

8. While Doing It Yourself

The main regulation while doing hair coloring at-home is ‘never do more than 2 shades lighter than your natural shade.

9. How About Platinum?

Super blonde hair doesn’t suit all skin tones. Moreover, it needs a harsh processing to get it, which all hair can’t endure.

10. Haircut Too Plays A Vital Role

Get your haircut, before trying for some remarkable change in your looks. With an apt haircut, color too will add to your personality. Remember that short hair cuts look impressive in lighter hues and longer hair appears nice if they are given moderate and deep color.

11. Think Twice, If You’ve Dark Hair

If you’ve dark hair, you must not hurry to go blonde, as their original color can only be reduced (to a certain extent) in the first attempt. Therefore, do it a bit every month, by which you can surely control boldness.

Yet remember, chlorine and the sun are like risks for blonde hair. Therefore, excess swimming (as chlorine is used in swimming pools to keep water clean) and extra-exposure to sunlight may damage their original texture.

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