How to Steal a Guy From His Girlfriend

We all want love and want to experience the feeling of being with someone. Having a partner is great, to have a late night friend is a wonderful feeling and to know that someone will never leave us alone in times of trouble. There is always a person by our side to love us unconditionally and who accepts us with all our weaknesses. We can fight, play, go out and do much with that guy.

Love happens by chance and it can happen with anyone.  We fall in love at the most unexpected places and with the most unexpected people. Sometimes with our friends, cousins or with someone else boyfriend.  Many times, we meet a great guy and fall in love but later discover that the person is already committed. This can be a tough situation to handle. There are two ways, we either give up on our love or get him by winning his heart. If you choose the latter, then read this article on how to steal a guy from his girlfriend.

Getting a guy break away from his present relationship can be a tough job but it will be worth it when you get the love of your life. You may be sure that he is the perfect match for you but also be convinced that you can be a much better girlfriend than his present one.  Remember to steal a guy from his girlfriend only if you love him and you are convinced that he is not happy in his present relationship otherwise there is no excuse for breaking his relationship with his girl.

How to Steal a Guy From His Girlfriend

1. Conversation

Talking to him is very important because that is how a relationship starts when two people get to know each other. The more you converse with each other, the more comfortable you will become. Remember a guy talks to a lot of girls but he doesn’t fall in love with all of them. Compatibility is an important issue to both the guy and the girl.

When you spend time talking to him, have a light-heated conversation all the time, talk about general things that you both like. Be careful while you are talking and do not talk about sensitive topics like religion, racism etc. Also talk about the things you know and do not try to be Miss “know-it-all”. Sometimes also talk about intellectual and serious things like career; relationships etc so that he knows you are brainy and serious about life. The most important thing is to let him talk too and do not just keep on speaking.

2. Be Coy

Once you both start talking and he feels for you, you have won half the battle but the truth is that he is still in a relationship with the other girl. You still can’t break the suspense by yelling that you love him. Once he knows that you are head over heels for him, he will lose interest in you.

Be smart, give him only signals and be mysterious. Do not let him know that you like him, let him feel that he is giving you attention. Remember not to text him too often as his girlfriend might read the messages and ask him to stay away from you.

3. Build the Chemistry

After you have started spending time with him, he knows that there is something in the air, he can feel love but is still confused about his feelings. If he didn’t like you, then he will not enjoy spending time with you. The good news is he likes being with you.

This is the time you can build a romantic relationship with him.  When you have a conversation with him, talk about his likes and dislikes. Get to know him better and let him know what you like. While talking to him, make the conversation interesting by flirty touches but make sure you do not overdo it.

4. Spend more Time with Him

The best way to get a guy who has a girlfriend is to spend more time with him. Have interesting conversations with him so that he compares the time spent with you and the time spent with his girlfriend. Don’t be anxious to go out with him on a movie or a date, if he likes being with you then he will ask you out himself.

Sometimes, make him meet your other friends and let him know them. Some of your friends can help you by saying that you guys look great together and you brush off the comment and just smile.

5. Know their Problems

Observe his moods and movements. Have you seen him being alone lately? Is he always upset? This hints that there is something wrong between him and his girlfriend. Converse with his friends and try to know what is wrong with his relationship. Once you know what is wrong, you can take advantage of the situation.

6. Show Confidence

Make him happy when you are around him, let him know that you care for his happiness. You can only do this if you have self-confidence.  Be sure of your love and do not pay heed to what other people say.  Just work hard and get the love of your life – it will be worth it.

7. Be Sweet

His girlfriend might be sweet but you have to be sweeter than her. Do not try to imitate her but be a unique person. He will like you for your individuality.

8. Hint that you Like him

Now that you have spent time with him and he already knows what a great girl you are.  Also try to get some time alone with him and gradually, the routine of late-night calls and messaging will start. Soon he will fall in love with you even without realizing it.

Once you have given him the time to realize that he loves you and the much needed time to end his relationship with his girlfriend, you need to show courage and tell him that you like him. Do not be straight but tell him in a discreet way. Be casual and jovial about it.

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