How to Show Your Boyfriend that You Love Him

Love is more than just a verb. It’s an emotion. Love is a continuous effort that reflects in your actions. There is a volume of books on love that has filled the libraries of the entire world. Yet, the inner longing of man is not even touched. Stories of Romeo and Juliet have lived with us for all our growing years, yet we have never seen the true power and effect that love has on individuals. People need, long and crave for different emotions like care, respect etc but not love. The world seems to be running after something, they don’t really know what!

There is something that everyone should know about love. Love has some basic properties which is a must for everyone.

Love is God’s best gift to this world. Yet, how many times have we seen, how love is used and abused in the world around us. Being in love is the world’s best feeling that anyone can have. When you’re in love, everything looks beautiful; everything looks calm; everything looks right. When you love someone, it becomes very important for you to share your feelings. For girls, love has different meaning. It means that their boyfriends should always tell them;

How beautiful they are,

How much they love them,

How they have impacted their lives,

What color of dress would go well with their pink scarf and so on…

But one thing that most girls fail to realise is that their boyfriends also need to hear something good about themselves, at times. Most girls shy away from expressing themselves. In a relationship, it is very important for girls to be expressive. You should know how to show your boyfriend that you love him. There are different ways of doing that.

1. Be Honest to Yourself:

Before you tell or show your boyfriend how much you love him, it is best advised to get to know yourself. Most of the times, love is taken for a sudden gush of emotions. You must understand that love is not temporary or momentary. It lasts forever. Before you get committed into a relationship, ask yourself the following questions and then decide for yourself.

Do I need love?

Am I up for the hardships that one faces in love?

Can I share my personal space with someone?

Once you are honest with yourself in answering these questions, you will know how to go about it when you are approached with any kind of proposal. It is painful to see breakups or divorces, which are now very common in our society. The reasons are same, as mentioned above. In most breakups and divorce cases, love gets lost somewhere. Their love is a momentary feeling, which got lost and failed the test of time. An honest approach will save you from tears and remorse.

2. Be Understanding:

understanding girlfriend

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To have an understanding girlfriend is something that every guy dreams but never gets! Understanding forms a very vital part of the relationship. No relationship is complete or considered successful if it lacks understanding. You know how important and lovely it is to be understood by someone. Remember the last time you smiled when your boyfriend did something for you by understanding your unsaid words? Just imagine the length and breadth of the smile you’re going to put on the face of your boyfriend by just understanding his said words!

If you don’t know how to do it; See how effortlessly, at times, your boyfriend is able to do certain things for you.

Understanding comes with love and love grows with understanding. The basic intention of all your efforts should be nothing else, but love. Make a serious efforts to understand your boyfriend. Guys usually feel very good about themselves and feel proud to have made a right choice by being with you.

3. Express Yourself:

express yourself

Love is appreciated when it is expressed. Many girlfriends complain of not being appreciated in a relationship. The problem could be your inability to express. Girls should understand this; guys cannot always understand unsaid words. It is good to be expressive in a relationship. This will help you to send across the message very clearly.

It has been seen in many relationships that girls who don’t express well in a relationship suffer more. If you love someone, you should be courageous enough to express what you feel in a relationship. Most of times, guys take things for-granted if you don’t express your views about any particular thing. Guys really like it when their girlfriends tell them what’s on their minds.  It is better to express than to suppress your feelings.

4. Taking Care of Your Boyfriend:

caring girlfriend

One of the best ways to show your boyfriend that you love him is by taking care of him. By taking care it doesn’t really mean to nurse him. It’s the small efforts that you take to do something new for him every day. Guys do notice and understand every effort of yours. If you know of any bad habit that your boyfriend has like drinking, smoking or anger etc, you can talk to him and show your concern.

Showing concern doesn’t mean to fake or to make fuzz about something. You can have an open talk with him and make him understand how these habits or problems can hamper the relationship. This thing is possible only when you express. Always remember; When it comes from the heart, it reaches the heart.

5. Share Your Dreams:

There is nothing better than sharing your dream with the one you love. When you involve your boyfriend in your dreams, it is the best thing that a guy can expect from his girlfriend. Being part of each other’s lives also mean sharing your dreams and when you do that, life becomes nicer.

To share is to reveal your unknown side to the one who is, but a part of your soul.

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