How to Show Love to Your Boyfriend

Relationships have a way of gathering moss and becoming stagnant after they reach a stage or state of equilibrium and that holds for any sort of association including your affair with your boyfriend. To hit the nail on the head, the odd thing about your relationship with your boyfriend is that although you still love him wholeheartedly, you often fail to come up with inventive ways of expressing it.

Gradually, as your liaison develops strong roots, you become smug in the belief that your partner will be with you through thick and thin, and you totally stop articulating your feelings. It so happens that once your relationship becomes firmly established the goings-on between the two of you becomes a matter of course, and the enthusiasm of doing something innovative to make your boyfriend feel special fizzles out.

Once you become too snug about your rapport with your partner, you fail to notice or even disregard the likelihood of your relationship developing a crack as your boyfriend starts looking elsewhere for love and affection. It would be quite natural for your companion to drift away from you and go astray if you fail to make those little gestures of affection and pay compliments once in a while.

Never underestimate the importance of the minor acts of showing warmth and affection even though they might appear inconsequential and trivial. Do not be under the impression that only conspicuous and glaring gestures of love can keep your relationship in the pink of health. The little things matter as much.

In fact, when your relationship is going through an unsteady phase, you sometimes should take the initiative of convincing your boyfriend that you still love him as you used to through little acts and gestures of endearment. The best thing about being a woman is that you don’t have to go out of the way to make your man feel wanted and loved as men don’t have very high expectations from women.

Initially, it was your boyfriend who approached you first and did all the running about. As far as you were concerned, you had a simple choice to make-either to accept him as your soul-mate or turn him down. So for you, although the choice was natural, your fiancé must have felt very insecure then.

But it’s a different ballgame once your relationship settles down and stabilizes as your partner tends to become easy going and takes things a little casually. So, now it’s upon you to keep the ‘wheels and cogs’ of your association well oiled if you want to settle down with your admirer and enjoy an enduring relationship. In case, you’re running out of ideas on how to show love to your boyfriend, you can check out the following strategies.


1. A Befitting Compliment Can Have a Deep Impact

Human beings, since times immemorial, have exploited the power of communication to the hilt to accomplish their ends. Expressing your innermost thoughts and emotions through words still remains a convenient yet the most effective tool of communication. Men tend to be verbose and shower women with the choicest and sexiest of compliments when they’re trying to woo them but once the courtship reaches a decisive phase, they’re become reticent.

So now the focus is on you keep the communication channels flowing. As a woman, you’ll find it easier to show that you really care just by coming up with some standard compliments that’d be apt for the occasion and making some admiring comments that’ll cheer him up. Saying ‘I love you’ more often to your boyfriend will come easily to you and just feel the impact it can have.

2. Just Catch Him off Guard with Surprises

Your fiancé would love to be caught off guard and be surprised once in a while just as you’d. So why, not pull a surprise on him by planning an impromptu trip to a picturesque vacationing spot on a weekend. Once you get there, you can make arrangements for making his day special by serving him brunch in bed and reading out excerpts from novels and books of his favourite authors and writers. Although there are hundreds of different ways in which you can plan a surprise what’d matter would be your sincerity in making arrangements and not the monetary costs.

3. The Way to a Man’s Heart is through His Stomach-Cook His Favourite Dish

Men tend to be very expressive and gregarious about things they love or anything that catches their fancy and that includes matters related to gastronomy. To put it simply, most men love to eat, and gorge on food that have been sumptuously prepared.

Your boyfriend must be tired of eating the routine meals day in and day out, so why not catch him unawares by cooking some of his favourite dishes? You can add to the flamboyance by serving the dishes in different courses. He’ll just flatter you with praises and heap encomiums on your culinary skills which will make you feel good as well.

4. Let Him Catch Up With His Old Buddies and You Too Can Join Them

Since the time your beau has been in an affair with you, he has drifted away from his close friends and associates as he’s not able to devote time in the same way as he used to once. You often find him lamenting and ruing over the fact that he’s not able to spend time with his friends and hang out with them as he used to formerly. Men, more than women, love to connect with their old pals and childhood friends.

So, you’d be winning your partner all over again if you can plan an outing or an outdoor leisure activity where all his friends will be actively engaged or involved. You too can join in their revelry and merrymaking to show that you genuinely wanted him to team up with his long lost friends.

5. Buy Him Tickets for a Baseball Match or Give Him Coupons for a Concert

Your boyfriend may be a man of many parts. He might be an astute businessman or an expert guitarist or an accomplished sportsman. Or, he could be an entrepreneur, musician, and sportsperson all rolled into one. Once in a while he needs to get away from the humdrum and mechanical monotony of everyday living and nurture his creative side.

You can pleasantly surprise him by gifting him tickets for a music show or a football match. You can also encourage him to visit the numerous art galleries in the city and painting exhibitions that are held now and then. You can make his visits worthwhile by accompanying him.

6. Show Him That You Too Can Be Quite Sexy

Almost all men love to fantasize about beautiful actresses and models and in fact about all women they admire. Your companion will often extol the beauty and quality of a woman he has a high regard for although he may be quite guarded in his praise so as not to hurt your feelings. However, deep down in your heart you know that he fancies those ladies and keeps wishing if you could become much like them.

Therefore, you can shed your inhibitions occasionally and do things that’d really throw him off guard. For instance, you can put on sexy lingerie and do a catwalk and sashay down the floor of your living room when your soul-mate is alone with you. This will not only pleasantly stun him but you’ll also be able to show that you can be as sexy as the woman he fantasizes about.

7. Be With Him through Thick and Thin

The depth of your relationship with your companion is put through the grind when the relationship has to go through testing and difficult times. It may happen that he might lose his job or suffer a grave injury in his workplace that renders him incapable of working for a long period.

There could be many other incidents and occasions that may throw his normal life out of gear and he could end up feeling very frustrated and depressed then. Stand by your man during such moments and give him all the encouragement he needs instead of walking out on him. Just bear in mind that sooner or later, he’ll succeed in putting his life back on track but he may never welcome you back in his life if you desert him when he’s going through a crisis.

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