How to Show Appreciation to Good Neighbors

Having good neighbors is a blessing. How often have we witnessed around us people talking about how insensitive their neighbors are or how bad they are? In case you are someone who is blessed to have a good neighbor, then it becomes very important for you too, to be a good neighbor in return. You can do that by showing them appreciation. You might be wondering, ‘how to show appreciation to good neighbors?’ Well, this is what this article is all about.  A good neighbor needs to be appreciated others for the smooth flow of goodwill.

A healthy surrounding is what everybody dreams of. A healthy surrounding comprises of good neighbors.  It is like a dream come true for anyone to have good and understanding neighbors. If you are one of those blessed people to have the company of good, loving and caring neighbors, then it’s time for you to show them that you too care and appreciate them for their goodness. ‘A little love goes a long, long way!’ So does a word of appreciation and kindness. This article will help you understand the different ways in which you can show your neighbors that you can and that you are not blind to their goodness.


1. Be Good:

When you see your neighbors being good to you, and if they are genuinely then it is very important for you to go up to them and tell them what you feel and think about them. We must have noticed around us people not continuing to be good, as they are not appreciated for their work. People are quick to point a finger on others, but when it comes to encouraging others, people just don’t do it.

Be the change. By telling your neighbors how much you appreciate their good nature towards you, you will be encouraging them to be good always. You too can be a good neighbor in return. Goodness has to be genuine if it has to survive the test of time. If it is outwardly, it will fail. Some people pretend to be good and when the test of time comes, they show their real colors. A good neighbor is someone who remains the same even in the worst of times.

2. Open Your House:

One way of telling your neighbors how much you appreciate their goodness is by opening your house to them. Call them for a drink or invite them for dinner. Your approach should be genuine.  As the saying goes, ‘a neighbor is closer than a relative’, you would have to understand the reality. It is your neighbor whom you will need in your urgent time of need.  By being appreciative and good to them, you will be forging a very close bond with them.

By opening your house to your neighbors, you will be opening the doors of your hearts to them. Be as genuine as possible and make sure you don’t do it in a fake way.  You can order food from outside or prepare it at home. A home cooked food will surely add more love and will help you share a very good and caring relationship with your neighbor.

3. Help them in Times of Need:


There is no better way of showing gratitude to your neighbours, other than by standing with them in times of need. It is not always easy to stand with someone in their tough times but do it whenever it is possible and go out of your way and help them.

Be a source of support to your neighbours, many a times people disappear when any problem comes, be there when your neighbours need help and support. You can help not just by giving advice but also b y just being there.

4. Overlook their Small Mistakes:

Everyone has some shortcomings, if you really appreciate your neighbours, ignore their negative points and remember the times they helped you when you were in need of it. There can be things that annoy you but if you really value your neighbours, like them for the good qualities.

5. Listen to their Problems:

Most of the times, all we need in our times of trouble is not an immediate solution but, someone who could listen to our problems. If your neighbors are struggling with any kind of problem, be kind enough to lend your ears to their problems. By doing this, you will be showing them your gratitude towards their goodness that they once showed to you.

You can be a good neighbor by listening to their problems and offering them your help. Nothing can make them feel encouraged than your gentle and loving approach towards them. You can show your neighbors appreciation by being with them in their time of need.

6. Write a Letter of Appreciation:

Kind words go a long way in life and are the best form of expression. To show your gratitude towards good neighbours, write a thank- you note for them. Put your thoughts into words and acknowledge their goodness.

Some warm words are sure to please your neighbours and will make you happy too. While writing the letter, remember all the times, your neighbours went out of the way to help you.

7. Give a Thank-you Gift:


After thank you notes come thank- you gifts. The idea behind giving a thank you gift is the gratefulness you feel for their kind actions. A thank- you gift is a small token of appreciation for your neighbours who have helped you in crisis.

A good idea to make a  thank -you gift is by making personalised cookies, a dish or a handmade rug for their home. Giving a personalised gift shows that you have put some thought and time into making a thank-you gift for the people you acknowledge.

8. Be Polite:

It is good manners to be polite but when people are good to you, it is much better to be courteous and thoughtful of the words you speak. Be courteous with your manners too and do not say anything that hurts them.

Even if they do something wrong, be patient and kind. Remember the times, they did good to you and learn to forgive.

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