How To Remove Fake Nails

Fake nails quickly and easily offer a stroke of loveliness to your general look without keeping you waiting for a longer period to grow real nails. As they are available in various colors and styles of your choice, they immediately give you an impression of attractive long nails. But, in reality, many people have a common problem of learning ‘How to remove fake nails?’.

If you are unacquainted with it, sooner or later you might pull them out with your real nails too. Therefore, if you’re serious about how to do it, you should go through this article.

The process of fake nails removal is so simple that anybody can do it at home. You don’t need to throw away further money at an expert nail salon for their removal.

Get some nail polish remover and remove them yourself at your home just following the given simple steps.

Remember Before You Start: –

Before starting fake nail removal, you must visit the same salon for their removal, where you hadput them on. However, also remember – there, you’ve to pay a heavy amount for this trouble-free course of action. Still, it’d always be better to go to a salon, as there you can have a precise cure.

Steps to Getting Rid of Fake Nails

  • Before you begin the removal of your fake nails, you need to prepare yourself with necessary equipment. In a local grocery shop or a medicines store, you will get nail polish remover that has with acetone in it. It detaches fake nails from the real ones. In addition, you will need foil or some paper towels to dry your hands.
  • Then, arrange all the mentioned equipments that are essential for the fake nail removal process:-
  1. Nail Clippers
  2. Nail file
  3. Foil
  4. Paper Towels or Newspapers
  5. Balls of medicated cotton
  6. Any cuticle stick
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Nail Polish Remover with Acetone in it
  • Once you have all these things readily available, sit down at ease to remove the nails. Generally, a table would be fit as you can sit down and can keep your hands on it throughout the procedure.
  • After that, take a large bowl full of acetone-based nail polish remover and put it on the table. If you lay some paper towels or newspaper under the bowl, it works as ashield against the nail polish remover from damaging the table.
  • The first step in fake nails removal is to cut them smaller with nail clippers, as much as possible. During the course, don’t worry if some of your real nails get trimmed as well. This is a common problem.
  • With the help of a nail file, get rid of any coat that has been on your nails to ensure the better functioning of acetone.
  • After this, put them in the bowl of nail polish remover. Let them drench in the solution for about 20 minutes.(Or With a cotton ball, apply acetone on every nail. Wrap foil around your nails that maintains the cotton ball in place. Keep the foil there for 20 minutes for the better acetone functioning.)
  • Then, take them out and try to pull them out with the help of cuticle sticks. The fake nails now can be removed away from the real ones with minimum effort.
  • If they don’t, put them in the nail polish remover bowl again for 5 more minutes and try to take them away from the real nails once again.
  • However, you should remember that removing them off must be done very smoothly; or else you might rip off your real nails too at this stage in the procedure.
  • Get rid of the deposits on your nails with a file.
  • Now, as you have removed your fake nails off the real ones, you now need to wash off the surplus acetone off your hands. Though acetone isn’t very hazardous, yet it dries out skin.
  • When you remove your fake nails, use some moisturiser to soften your hands.

Words Of Warning: –

  • Don’t take your fingers out of the acetone bowl too early, as it makes your nails tough.
  • Always be tender throughout the procedure as ‘process of fake nails’ hurts your real nails.
  • Don’t pull off your fake nails uncaringly.
  • Acetone has some hazardous properties, like it is highly inflammable and its vapors too can be explosive in some chemical concentrations.

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