Shedding Light On How to Put Someone to Sleep Using Pressure Points

4. Special Equipment

There are also special equipments available in the market, especially meant to exercise the pressure points. You can inject them on any pressure point, whenever you feel weakness or sleeplessness. It will make you relaxed and sleepy.

Special Equipment

5. Inner Gate

Inner gate is a pressure point to calm the spirit and promote relaxation. It is known as Neiguan in Chinese, which is the most effective pressure point for sleep problems.  It can be found by placing three fingers at the base of the wrist and feeling for the natural depression between the muscles located there. Apply steady pressure to help you feel more relaxed and less bound. For all night relief, try taping a kidney bean to the pressure point for continuous relief.

Inner Gate

6. Spirit Gate

In Chinese, spirit gate is known as Shenmen. This pressure point is helpful in regulating the pathways and energy to heart. This pressure point is found below the base of the smallest finger. Exercising this pressure point, you can have a natural and sound sleep.

Spirit Gate

7. Ear Lobe

Our ears contain several stress-relieving pressure points. Gently massaging your earlobes and the rims of your ears may help in relaxing your facial muscles and promote stress relief. Due to this, you will be able to have a good sleep.

Ear Lobe

8. Whole Body Massage

In order to have control over your insomnia problem, you can massage your whole body. It will get all the pressure points of your body exercised. This exercise will be helpful in reducing the chances of serious health problems that are about to arouse in your body.

Whole Body Massage

9. Using Head Pressure Points

A simple way to get relaxed and have a proper sleep while using pressure points is to press your temples. This is the exercise that all of us practice to get relief from headache. Making use of this pressure point is helpful not only for headache, but also useful for sleep problems and tiredness. So, you can use this pressure point if you want to put someone to sleep.

Using Head Pressure Points

10. Back Pressure Point

Often, people get serious back problems while sitting on chair and consistently working on computer. It also causes many other serious problems. In order to get relief from your back problems, you should press the pressure points on the sides of the spine. You will enjoy this exercise and will feel sleepy soon.

Back Pressure Point

To conclude, it can be said that our body has several pressure points that can put us on relief. People don’t need to go to the doctors if they understand the practices of these pressure points. If you want to put someone to sleep, you need to exercise the pressure points of their head, forehead, neck, shoulder, wrist, feet, back etc. This exercise will maintain your blood pressure and will also make you feel relaxed.Due to this, you will be able to control your sleep problems. Whole body massage can also be a useful way to get relaxed, as it exercises all the pressure points of your body.You may need to experiment with the different pressure points to find which works the best for your particular problem. Some pressure points work better for pain in the temples while other pressure points work better for pain in the back of the head. Pressure points can be sensitive and sore but try to massage each one that you have chosen for the designated amount of time or until the point begins to get frozen to your touch. Some points produce stronger results than others. Moreover, pressure points are also believed to correspond to various mental and physical conditions, including stress and anxiety.

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