How To Prepare Your Teen For The Real World

‘This world is a lonely place and you’re on your own!’ How true these words seem when we see it in the light of the growing unrest in the world. The world has always been a cruel place, a hard place to live in. Survival of the fittest seems to be the only unwritten law that this world honestly follows. One has to always be on their guard in order to save one’s self from any unwanted danger. Goodness hangs on the string of hope as very few people practice and follow it.

Teens are most prone to the subtle cruelness of this world. As parents, it becomes more than a responsibility to teach and train up our children in a proper way. This world is full of people who take advantage of children, especially teens and adolescents. In their teens, children are neither fully grown up like adults, nor are they kids. This is what makes them prone to crimes and mistakes. There are growing cases all around the world of juvenile crimes and teen pregnancies, which makes it all the more important for parents and teachers to impart the knowledge of a good life rather than teaching only academics.

With competition taking its toll on teens, the ever increasing pressure of making it big in life makes them fall into traps and bad company. The peer pressure to look good and be the life of every party results in adolescents making wrong choices and later suffer their whole life. The duty of parents doesn’t end only at choosing a good school or college for their kids but also do give them space and the correct know-how on ways to prepare your teen for the real world and to deal with youth problems to bring the true picture of the society around them.

With the advent of internet, cyber crimes have made a huge leap. There is Facebook and Twitter to keep the teens hooked on their laptops for hours and make online friends only to end up in tears and remorse. The problem with parents, guardians and teachers is the fact that they judge the child like an adult and do not listen to him/her. It is necessary for them to become a confidant of the child, so that he/she abides by your word and tells you what problems or challenges they are going through. Teenage is the time children are closer to their friends rather than parents or family members. So, when parents become friends with a child, they can confide in you and share their problems. It is horrendous to see young adults committing suicides, planning kidnaps and murders, shooting out in the school, getting pregnant at tender ages or getting involved in wrong company. It is the responsibility of the parents to notice the child and see his/her behaviour at home. According to psychologists, disturbed children usually show signs of anxiety, aggression or secluded behaviour. They have few or no friends and are usually hang-out alone. They get irritated at the spur of the moment and most of the times can be found playing destructive games on the internet. Many teens may also have signs of depression and take to drinking or drugs. Guardians should watch out for these signs and talk it out with the child.

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Notice the Following Habits Carefully:

  • If the child spends a lot of time alone in his/her room and doesn’t go out much.
  • Eating a lot or late night bingeing could be a sign of depression
  • Eating less than required amount could hint at bulimia, which is common in young girls.
  • Being hooked to one’s computer and playing online destructive games.
  • Drinking and smoking could be alcoholism or depression.
  • Falling grades and no friends can be depression too.

If you spot any of these symptoms take no time in talking to your spouse about it. If you are a single parent, take help of a close friend to talk to your teen and know his/her problem.

Important Advice for Parents:

Making a child a good human is more important than his/her grades. Most of the times parents fail to recognize depression in their children and mistake it for their stubbornness. It is very important for parents to understand and observe the changes in their child. A recent incident at home or school or with friends, depression has no definite circle. It can be triggered anytime and hence one has to be on their guard. Teens are more prone to depression. Their depression takes a hike when they realize that their parents are not able to understand them.

  • Take things slowly with your child.
  • Become his/ her friends
  • Angry words don’t always help
  • Have a very calm approach
  • Don’t create fuzz about anything
  • Love is the only way you can get your child out of depression
  • Forgiveness will help them learn about the virtues and vices

Teenage is the time when everything in the world seems possible. In their attempt to try everything, teenagers, at times, end up doing bad things. As parents, you should understand that those things are inevitable. Young blood is full of aspirations and enthusiasm and is hardly aware of patience and experience. Strictness doesn’t always work in your favour, especially once your child reaches teenage. They need friends, someone with whom they can share their hearts out. Whenever a person is in emotional need, they always end up making wrong choices. In their haste to try out new things and an urge to become better than their peers, they choose wrong partners, who play with their lives and leave them with scars of a lifetime. As parents, one should talk to the child about these mistakes and tell them the risks involved. Don’t think age is a factor because everyone is vulnerable. Educate the child about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, so that when confronted with such a situation, they are able to make the right choice. Know their friends and meet them often. However, that doesn’t mean keeping a track on the child every time. Give them space too but also love and friendship.

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