How to Make Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

Hair and hairstyles make the personality of a person. It makes a person look more confident and is an immensely important part of dressing up. Hairstyle enhances the look of a person. Proper care and maintenance is required to add a zing to a person’s personality.  Different hairstyles show different sides of a person. It gives a smart and trendy look to a person. From long hairs to short trimmed hairs, the hairstyle speaks a lot about a person than anything else. Women working in corporate usually prefer neatly tied hairstyles to give a clean and a fresh look which work positive for the company.

Apart from these ‘traditional’ hairstyles, there are other hairstyles, which can make a woman or a man look more appealing and elegant. Some hairstyles give a classic look and others give confidence to carry one’s self well. A man and a woman should be very careful in choosing their hairstyle as not all the different hairstyles go well with every face. An honest approach towards one’s looks will decide the positive and negative impact.

A person spends almost half of his/her lifetime in making efforts to have a good personality, which is appealing and graceful. This is not possible to achieve without having lustrous strong hair. Having healthy hair is very similar to having a healthy body and ways to achieve healthy body and hair are similar in many ways.  Different hairstyles do make the face look good but healthy hair look good with no matter which hairstyle. Hairstyles change with time but one thing that remains the same is the need of strong, shiny tresses. The crowning glory will reward you with beauty and glisten once you take care of it like the way you take care of your body. There is a never ending debate on how to make your hair healthy and shiny but the age old wisdom remains the same.

Having healthy and shiny hair is an asset you would love to flaunt. In order to have smooth, healthy and shiny hair, following points have to be kept in mind;

1. Exercise

exercise hair

There is nothing better than a good workout, which gets your adrenaline rushing and increases the oxygen supply to the brain hence resulting in good skin and hair. Anything that makes you sweat and gets you going is good for the general health. It could be brisk walking, running, gym, dance, power yoga or any sport that you like. Any kind of workout for 45 minutes, 4 times a week is good enough.

2. Diet

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Nothing compliments a workout than a good healthy diet. Workout and diet go hand in hand and will show results in the long run. Hair is made of protein hence include lots of protein in your daily diet, like cheese, milk products, soya, eggs, chicken, lean meat, sea food etc. Having iron is also good for your hair. Sources of iron include spinach, nuts, green leafy vegetables etc.  Consume food rich in vitamins and minerals including lots of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Eliminate junk food and restrict yourself from having too much sugar or caffeine instead you can have green tea.

3. Water, Water – Everywhere

Every doctor advises to drink around 3-4 litres of water every day. Water eliminates toxins from the body and makes skin and hair supple and lustrous. Most of us drink aerated drinks like colas and sodas, which do more harm than good as they are high in sugar content. Drink water or lemonade without sugar so that the electrolyte balance is maintained.  Water consumption drops down during winters, which causes dehydration. An easy way to drink water is to have a glass to water every hour. This will make your water needs adequate.

4. Right Hair, Right Now

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Hair strands are made of dead cells and need protein for their nourishment. Just like our body needs food, hair need oiling for rejuvenation. Hot oil massage once a week can do wonders for the hair. The choice of oil should be done with respect to your hair texture. For oily hair, light oil like olive oil can be used. For dry frizzy hair coconut oil works well. Use hair packs like egg white once in a week and hot oil treatment to absorb the maximum oil. Wrap a towel dipped in hot water of oiled hair for about 20 minutes. Do this once in a week. Those with dry hair can use curd with lemon. Beer is good for the hair and gives volume. Rinse your hair with beer and you will see shiny bouncy tresses. Vinegar can also be used for shine. Rinse your hair with vinegar after shampoo to get silky hair.

5. Stop That Hair Fall

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Hair fall can ruin the quality of hair and also your personality. The causes of hair fall can be heredity, lifestyle problems or using damaged, expired products. If you have a receding hairline see a Trichologist and change your habits like taking too much stress leads to hair fall and a lack of healthy diet can make you bald. Get a hair spa once in a month for shiny lustrous locks. Take multivitamin to ensure proper nutrients in your diet. Dandruff can also lead to hair fall. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and run scalp with lemon peel. Keeping the scalp clean comes a long way in having healthy hair. Due to pollution and sunlight, hair becomes brittle leading to hair fall. Cover your hair when out in the sun and wash your hair frequently in summers. People with oily hair should take special care of their scalp.

6. Avoid Chemical Treatments

Re-bonding, colouring, dying and chemically treating hair can lead to rough, unmanageable hair as they are harsh chemicals. To get soft and silky hair, use natural products and a good shampoo and conditioner. If you have grey hair, use henna or a hair colour, which is ammonia free. But don’t get treatments one after the other. Give your hair time to recover. Using too much of dryer harms the quality of the hair.

Go natural when it comes to hair. Keep your diet healthy and take out one day in a week for yourself to treat your hair with a nourishing hair mask.

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