How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You Consistently

Being in love is the most stirring thing in life than anything else. Isn’t the feeling very exciting to have a smart boy to chat with, a person with whom you can share your dreams? Isn’t the experience beautiful – of a person who wraps you in his warm jerkin when it is shivering cold? However, there might be many girls around me who would need a helping hand as there is some bitterness in their love-lives. Every woman in the world craves for the days of the good past all the time.

make boyfriend miss you

Doesn’t he call you frequently? Do you feel ‘He is more inclined to his professional demands than you and doesn’t give me enough time?’ Didn’t he call you the last Monday morning to say how much he misses you now, even after that beautiful night on the sea-shore with you? Everybody knows the truth, for which ladies cannot be held responsible, ‘Like a baby, women too, no matter what their age is, always crave to get noticed’. Now with the tips below you can keep your love-life healthy. If you compel him to miss you a lot, you’ll see the marvel. Are you despondent with the type of response you are getting from your boyfriend? Don’t delay anymore. This is the proper time that you should pay attention to these matters. Be smart enough to make him miss you. Make him passionate for you. Teach him a ‘lesson’ so that he learns to value you more.

Don’t be disappointed ladies as I’m going to share so many undisclosed facts about how to get your boyfriend to miss you without irritating him too much. Follow all these guidelines and make him miss you more and more. For you all girls and women, following are some quick-witted tips that can help you to make your boyfriend miss you a lot.

1. Pretending To Be Busy Makes Your Boyfriend Miss You

Being too much available is the most common mistake that most of the girls make when they are in their love-lives.  Coping up with the latest towering financial needs, you too have to work and must keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy creates a space for you to be away from him, which will surely rejuvenate his penchant for you.

2. Be Unavailable Occasionally

Most men like independent women. For your own benefits, make yourself seem more attractive or interesting by not immediately accepting his invitation to a dinner or a party. Just remember ‘how many times has he accepted your invitation for a cup of coffee, when he was busy?’ So, why are you going to cancel the party arranged by a friend, just because of your boyfriend’s last minute invitation? Spare some time for yourself too. Play hard to get and see the miracle; he will try everything to make you happy. If you give too much attention to your man, he starts to take you for-granted. Eventually, he will stop valuing you. Thus, if you keep yourself away from him for a bit, it would certainly be an alarm for him that you can live without him.

3. Giving Him Space Makes Him Passionate

Some women like to follow their men all the time, which you should try to avoid. Do not become a hurdle, if he loves spending a lot of time out with his contacts. Permit him to enjoy a football match with his buddies. Hug him and tell him to take care. Remember men’s psychology that they become fed up with friends with time. Thus, he starts missing you. However, call him unexpectedly. Speak in a seductive tone, which will surely make you more wanted to him.

4. You Must Call Him Only After He Does

Ladies, never disturb your boyfriend with SMSs like ‘why haven’t you called me in these three hours?’ Men dislike a pesky woman. If you feel that he should miss you, let him always call you. If you want to make him recognize your necessity, make no calls at all. Although he calls you, send an SMS that you are busy. This will bother him a lot and consequently his desire for you will defeat all the other odds.

5. Work-Out For Good Looks

Ask yourself a question, ‘Have you become careless about the fitness of your own body?’ If the answer you find is ‘Yes!’ it too can be the one of the reasons that your man has started neglecting you. Therefore, prepare yourself to surprise him with your nice looks. Do exercises to keep you fit and look attractive.

6. Send Him Your Flirty Pictures

Send your boyfriend your picture through an email, obviously with your new hot looks. Keep him away from every hint that will disclose your preparations to look hot. Let him find them out. This will make him miss you in a great deal.

7. Mementos Make a Lot of Difference

Before going on for a professional tour or to visit your parents, you should leave some keepsakes back. They will stimulate him to recall the good times you both had together. Keep some mementos at his place for him to look at while you are away. These might be some empty bottles of your favorite cologne, deliberately kept toys or a gown that he had gifted you on your birthday etc. These bits and pieces will make him go wild for in your memory.

8. Register For a ladies’ Club

Registering yourself for some gym or a club takes you away from him for a while – which in the end – makes him understand that you won’t be with him constantly. As you go on spending more time without him – the more he will miss you.

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