How to Make Your Boyfriend Crazy About You

Love is a crazy feeling.  One day it can make you feel on top of the world and on the other day it can make you feel the worst pain. Some say love is worth the pain, some say love is the end of pain but the truth is everybody loves to be in love. A relationship becomes sweet and peaceful when it comprises of love. A small argument here and there will not deter or remove love from the relationship. Both the partners in a relationship want their partners to be crazy about them and why not everyone wants someone to be crazy for them and everyone likes attention.

If you are wondering how to make your boyfriend crazy about you, then this article is perfect for the relevant information you need. People are crazy and hungry for love. There are things in the world which only love can handle. Before you start the process of making your boyfriend crazy about you, ensure that love is the basic foundation of the relationship. If it is not, even if he becomes crazy for you, the relationship will suffer and might wither. Do your best to love your boyfriend and he will also love you and remember; love is crazy.


1. Understand:

Most relationships suffer as there is lack of understanding in it. Your boyfriend will be crazy for you once he see that you are very understanding. In this world, where boyfriends complain of not being able to understand their girlfriends and girlfriends of their boyfriends not understanding, an understanding partner is sure what every boyfriend craves for. Most of the fights, in a relationship, are triggered by lack of understanding.

There is a simple rule in love; be selfless and your partner will take care of you. When you think of the relationship and try to be more understanding, you will find that your boyfriend will love your company more and would always want to be near you. Gone are the days when men would look for ‘sexy’ avatar instead of these virtues. The world of men is taking a whole circle back and these virtues are sure to make your boyfriend love you more which means he would be crazy for you too.

2. Love:

What you sow, so shall you reap!’ The proverb seems very apt in today’s relationship. It is the dream of every guy to have a loving girlfriend and when his that wish is fulfilled, he is sure to be crazy about you. Most relationships suffer as they lack the foundation stone; love. No guy is going to be crazy about you if he doesn’t think you are worthy of being ‘’committed’’ to.

Girls are, by nature, shy. But, you need to get rid of your coy nature in order to be able to receive his love, care and attention. Be expressive. Being expressive certainly doesn’t mean PDA (Public Display of Affection). It means whenever it is possible, just tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you. This move will make your boyfriend feel good about himself and he would love you back and be crazy about you.

3. Listen:

It is a good habit to be a good listener. Most arguments that take place in a relationship stem out of this; lack of good listening skills. You need to be a good listener in order to win your boyfriend’s heart. By being a good listener, you will be saving the relationship from a lot of unwanted fights and arguments. Like you, your boyfriends also don’t need yours and anyone else’s advice. All they need is someone to hear them out. When you lend your ears to their problems, from your heart, you actually give them the sign of a loving and understanding girlfriend.

Having a girlfriend, who is a good listener, is what every guy dreams of. Next time when your boyfriend come up to you and shares his problem, don’t start giving him advices; rather listen to what he has to say. By listening you will solve 90% of his problems. Your boyfriends also don’t want you to solve their problems, all they need; is a loving, caring and understanding girlfriend and theses qualities are sure to make your boyfriend crazy for you.

4. Show Concern:

Everybody loves it when their partner shows concern in their lives. It makes them realise that they are never alone and there will always be someone ready to catch them when they fall. This feeling of security is sure to make your boyfriend crazy about you. Show concern but not outwardly. Men are very good in catching the intention. They’ll know when you are faking it. Be genuine in your approach.

You approach should be genuine and honest. A word of caution; in your attempt to show concern and interest in his life, don’t intrude his personal life. At times, people do go overboard. It might not be intentional, but by keeping it in mind you will saving yourself and the relationship from any new problem. Show concern where it is needed.

5. Be Patient:

Patience is a virtue, observed by few. Patience forms a very important part of a relationship. With patience comes endurance. No relationship is perfect; every relationship has some flaws or the other. But by having a very patient approach, one can make even a bitter relationship better. If there is any problem going on in the relationship, be very patient. Your boyfriend will count himself among the blessed to have a patient girlfriend. This nature of yours is sure to make you boyfriend crazy about you and think of you all the time.

The more love you give, the more love you will receive. The above mentioned virtues are very important for a loving relationship. Girls always want their boyfriends to be crazy about them, and why shouldn’t they be, after all you are their Soulmates. By incorporating the above mentioned virtues, you will surely make your boyfriend crazy about you.

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