How to make virtual floppy drive

virtual floppyDid you ever wondered if you could make Virtual Floppy drives, in the same way as you can make virtual CD or DVD drive?

Yea it is possible. Just follow this simple tutorial and you will have your own virtual Floppy Drive.

Diffulty Level: Easy
without virtual foppy drive
with virtual foppy drive

Here we go:

01. Fire up vfdwin.exe and you will see a screen like below:
after openeing vfdwin.exe

02. Now click on install and you will see something like below:
after clicking on install

03. Above step installs the driver need for this software. Now you are given with two options, Manual and Auto:
manual and auto options

These options confirms that whether you want this software to load Virtual Floppy Drive every time you starts your system [Auto Option] Or you yourself wants to load this virtual drive whenever you want it[Manual Option]. Choice is yours. I have selected manual option because I don’t need this drive every time, whenever I need it I just start it manually.

04. After selecting the option click on start and you will see a confirmation message:
confirmation message

05. Now we need to select the drive letter for this.
select the drive letter

Click on change and select the drive letter and press OK and you will see a confirmation displayed:
select the drive letter

Note: I have selected the Drive letter as A: [because I don’t have any floppy drive installed on my system] but you can select any one you want.

06. Now open my computer and you will see new floppy drive:
with virtual floppy drive

You can further customize it according to your needs. Hope this might come handy for you.

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