How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You (5 Simple Ways)

The very idea of ‘falling in love’ or ‘making someone fall in love with you’ has a connotation of frailty and there is a very subtle undertone of imperfection associated with that sentiment which has haunted mankind forever.

Whoever coined that phrase must have been pretty unlucky in matters close to the heart. He or she must have been an accident-prone person suffering a fall more often or must have been a jilted lover.

Or, why else would you define getting swept away by ‘the most wonderful feeling in the world’ as an act of falling?

If having feelings for someone or loving someone was akin to going down or getting overwhelmed by sentiments, then most men and women with nerves of steel would never have fallen in love in the first place.

You just have to turn the pages of the ‘history of mankind’ and go back in time to come up with innumerable instances where countless men and women labelled as being stone-hearted, apathetic, and utterly insensitive, got carried away.

Even the likes of Hitler, Ivan the Terrible, Josef Stalin, Maximilien Robespierre, and Leopold II of Belgium could not prevent themselves from getting inundated with love.

So, you can well imagine the plight of ordinary mortals. Most people keep falling in and out of love throughout their lives. Love is a feeling or a sentiment that erupts spontaneously in your heart and fortunately or unfortunately, you don’t have to prepare yourself for falling in love.

It just happens. The most pleasantly surprising element of it all is that you could be struck by the ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ when you’re least prepared for it. The best part, of course, is when you fall head over heels for someone at first sight. And the worst part is when your feelings are not reciprocated.

Falling in love is the easiest thing in the word, but to be loved in return, is what most people find difficult. How often have you been compelled to ask yourself ‘How to Make Someone Fall in Love?’

This billion-dollar question must have circulated in your mind every time you’ve been besotted by a man as handsome as Adonis or infatuated by a woman as eye-catching as Venus.

Just like you cannot stop yourself from getting bowled over by someone, you also cannot force someone into developing feelings for you against his or her wishes.

But yes, you can at least make a sincere attempt to attract the attention of someone who has kindled the fire of passion in you, and make him or her think and feel about you in a very subtle and delicate way.

You can, if you want, bring down the mental ‘barriers’ or ‘barricades’ that stand between you and your object of desire. Yes, it’s not impossible to turn things around and make someone you have been targeting for quite some time now, to at least look back at you.

It’ll be possible because these are cerebral blockades and do not exist in reality. You’d just need to reorient and reinvent yourself to bring about a change in the feelings of the person towards you.

You should be prepared to labour to win the love of the man or woman you dream of. You’d have to develop a positive outlook about yourself in the first place. You’d have to be gregarious enough to send the right vibes to that person. Least of all, you should express your feelings and show that you care.

1. Love Yourself First

If you want to be the cynosure in the eyes of the individual you love, then you should love yourself first if you’re not doing it already. In other words, you should have a positive outlook towards life in general and radiate joviality and self-confidence. You should affect an attitude of joie-de-vivre at all times.

2. Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

romantic laughter

Try to laugh more often and as much as you can because laughter is still the best medicine. Laughter has an uplifting effect that slowly spreads throughout your body and cheers you up every time you feel depressed. If you share a joke or two and burst out laughing together you’ll be, slowly but surely, beating an amorous path towards the person you desire. Laughing from the heart means you have an optimistic approach to life.

3. Transforming Yourself

When you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, do you see a reflection of the individual you desire to be? If not, then you’d need to bring about some changes. Your objective is to present your best face to your object of desire. Talking about changes, you don’t need to break your bank or completely overhaul your current lifestyle. Just some cosmetic changes will create the magic, for instance you can sport a seductive lipstick or a bewitching hairdo if you’re a woman. Guys can reinvent themselves by visiting a men’s salon and dressing up nattily.

4. Warm Up to the Person

fall in love

Don’t let the person nurse an impression that your attraction is purely physical. Although it’d be out of place to suggest that your feelings should be platonic (platonic love is an anachronism in today’s world), you should be careful in not overstepping the fine line that separates love from lust. There’s a world of difference between ‘lusting for someone’ and ‘loving someone’.

Be open-minded and don’t be rigid in your beliefs. Try to overcome prejudices and make yourself receptive. That’ll help the person to understand you in the manner you want him or her to. Try to win the faith of that person in a way that he or she will trust you with his or her innermost feelings. Make yourself so endearing that the person will crave for your company and feel elated in your presence.

5. Create a Facade of Inaccessibility

make him love

If you want the man or woman of your dreams to start nurturing feelings about you, then you should make him or her ‘miss you’ more often. The idea is to create a smoke screen of inaccessibility around you by surrounding yourself with friends and putting up pretence of busy-ness to make your object of desire pine for you.

Try to spend time together as much as you can and always maintain eye contact                            

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