How to Make Eyelashes Grow

It is said eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are that part of the body, which speaks the most. They say what is inside our hearts without saying a word. Eyes are considered to be the most beautiful part of a person’s body and they have to be taken care of. Many times due to our unhealthy lifestyle, we acquire various eye related problems like dark circles, thinning eyelashes, eye bags etc. These can be treated by following some healthy habits.

Eyebrows are considered to be very dramatic and lend a lot of charm to the face. All the expressions can be made only with the help of eyebrows and eyelashes. Falling of eyelashes can be very harmful for medical reasons as well. Eyelashes protect harmful dust particles from entering the eye and also lend beauty. There can be many reasons for the falling of eyelashes like, applying harmful make-up, unhealthy lifestyle, putting make-up at night. Apart from these there can be medical reasons as well. Some people also have scanty eyelashes but with regular care, their lashes can grow. Curled, dense, healthy eyelashes can make your face look more charming and pretty. The first attention of everyone goes on your eyes and these tips mentioned below will help to make your eyelashes grow.

how to make eyelashes grow

1. A healthy Diet

A good nutritious diet is the first per-requisite for having healthy eyes and eyelashes.  Include a good amount of protein in your diet through egg-white, milk, lean chicken etc. Amino acids are very vital in hair growth. Vitamins and minerals also aid hair growth including eyelashes. Potassium, calcium and magnesium are important for eyes. To include these minerals, take a multivitamin daily. Also remember to fill your platter with fruits and vegetables.

2. Consume Biotin

This is also known as Vitamin H, it is a water soluble B vitamin. Biotin helps in strengthening hair and promoting hair growth. It is found in many cosmetics too. Good sources of biotin are egg- yolks, sardines, bananas, brewer’s yeast, almonds, pecans and whole grains.

3. Include Antioxidants

Vitamin C and E contains antioxidants that are important for hair growth. A lack of these vitamins can result in dry hair, split ends, falling eyelashes. Antioxidants prevent the impact of free radicals on the hair, hence making the hair healthy and promoting hair growth. Vitamin E increases blood circulation and gives sheen to the hair. Good sources of antioxidants are green vegetables, avocados and citrus fruits.

4. Use Olive Oil

Apart from being good for the heart, olive oil is great for the skin and hair too. To get back your lush eyelashes, apply castor oil or olive oil on the root of your eyelashes every night. Oil acts as a conditioner and makes hair healthy. After 2 months you will see new eyelashes growing.

5. Emu oil Helps

Emu oil is a good conditioner for eyelashes and stimulates growth. Emu oil can be used in a cotton swab and putting on eyelids. It will give you thicker and longer eyelashes.

6. Apply Vaseline

Vaseline can work wonders for your eyelashes as it aids in eyelash growth. You can use the Vaseline available at any drug store and apply it with the help of a mascara brush. Remember if you are using an already used brush, then wash it properly with soap and coat it with baby powder. In about five weeks, you will see the results.

7. Use Lip Balm

Applying lip balm is a great way to get healthy and lush eyelashes. It is easy to apply and is always available.  Lip balm will also make your eyelashes look curlier and prettier. Lip balm should be applied starting from the inner corner of the eyelids to the outer corner. Make sure some of the lip balm gets on the skin.

Apply the lip balm in the same way on both the eyes and leave it on throughout the night. If possible wear a silk mask. In the morning wash your eyes properly and apply two coats of lip balm again for the day.

8. Brush –up

Brushing eyelashes is a simple technique that works very well in giving you long eyelashes. Use a brush meant for eyelashes, it will be easily available at any departmental store. Brushing can be done once or twice a day without any mascara on the eyelahes.

9. Eyelids Massage

Massaging eyelids can stimulate hair growth and give you healthy, dense eyelashes. Take some olive oil on your fingers and gently massage it on the eyelids. It will help to stimulate hair follicles.

10. Make –up Remover

Leaving make-up like kohl, mascara on the eyelashes can make them brittle and weak. It is always better to remove make-up before you go to bed. Use a good quality make-up remover everyday and wash your face properly before sleeping.

11. Drink Water

Water is a very essential component of the body and is required in every function. Water helps to flush out toxics from the body and help you to get healthy skin and hair. Drink around 8 glasses of water each day to get healthy hair and eyelashes.

12. Live a healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle is a must for healthy hair growth. Eating a balanced diet and exercise goes a long way in giving you a fit body and mind.  Make sure your diet is full of vitamins, minerals and good fats found in nuts, dry fruits, flax etc. Include lots of salads, which give you healthy eyes. Also make sure you get a good sleep. Sleep for 7-8 hours every day but remember not to sleep too much. A balanced life and diet will be very beneficial in giving you dense eyelashes.

13. Avoid Make-up

It is true that applying mascara can make your eyelashes look long but too much of it can make your eyelashes brittle. Do not put on make-up throughout the day. Leave your skin without make-up for some time. Use natural products and keep your skin clean. Too much make-up clogs pores. Be natural and look beautiful.


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