How to Make Chocolate Milk Bath

There are very few things in life whose appeal is universal and whose allure transcends barriers of caste, creed or sex. Surely one of those things is chocolate without an iota of doubt. In spite of constant reminders from healthcare professionals and nutritionists, most women (and many men as well) find chocolates simply irresistible.

The very mention of the word ‘chocolate’ stirs up memories that most bonbon lovers love to keep themselves enveloped in. Munching your way through a bar of chocolate can make you nostalgic as well. There’s so much you can do with chocolate or its syrupy form, which is basically obtained from the cocoa seeds. There are so many dessert preparations that make generous use of chocolate as an ingredient.

Just try to recollect all sorts of recipes and food items you’ve tasted so far in your life where chocolate was used as an essential element and chances are that you’ll be unable to come to complete listing. But do you know that you can take a chocolate bath? Rephrasing the question in another way, are you aware that you can soak yourself in a thick chocolate milk bath just as you immerse yourself in the bathtub full of soapy water?

It might sound weird to you if you’re not aware of the fact that many people go in for a chocolate milk bath once in a while to lift their sagging spirits and reinvigorate selves. You can choose from different types of bath concoctions or mixtures that are easily available both offline and online, depending on your skin texture. In this context, going for a chocolate milk bath at least once in every two months can be a welcome change from the monotonous routine of bathing by lathering your body with soap everyday.

Chocolate is said to be a good anti-depressant and also has prophylactic properties that can delay the process of ageing and keep your skin glowing. If someone close to you is extremely fond of chocolates and almost swears by them, you can prepare a chocolate milk bath mix right in your home and gift the same to that person.

Since the chocolate milk concoction is to be used for bathing only (the mixture just needs to be added to the water in the right proportion) and not for imbibing, there is no question of putting on unwarranted calories!

Making the chocolate syrup is also quite simple. You’ll have to mix the chocolate syrup with milk till it becomes dense enough. Fill your bathtub with tepid warm water, add the chocolate mixture and blend it thoroughly. You’re now ready to plunge in.

The following lines elaborate on ‘How to Make Chocolate Bath’.


Preparing the Chocolate Milk Bath Mix

There are many different techniques of making a chocolate bath concoction or solution and depending on your taste and preferences, you can add several ingredients to make the experience worthwhile.

So, irrespective of the components you put in, you’ll always need some basic components that you can’t do without and these are dehydrated milk or powder milk, cornstarch, cinnamon or cardamom, and cocoa.

You’ll find these ingredients at the local grocery store you buy your ration from. Ask for plain cocoa that is needed for baking and different from the cocoa that is exclusively used for preparing instant chocolate drinks.

Besides the basic ingredients, a container or mug will be needed for safekeeping the chocolate milk bath mixture. Look for a container that comes with a top, which can be sealed to make it airtight.

Go for a plastic container that can be placed in close proximity to the tub and one that’ll not break in case if it falls over the tub. Alternatively, you can store the mixture in a pouch bag that comes with a zipper lock and put that bag inside an ornamental vase or urn or inside a tin that can be hermetically sealed.

The size of the container or the pouch bag will determine the quantity of the chocolate milk bath formulation that you’ll be required to make.

For your starting mix, add 2 cups of the dehydrated milk powder to a quarter cup of cocoa and also add at least 2 large spoons of cornstarch. You can increase the portion sizes according to your requirement. To impart an invigorating fragrance to the bath, you can add cardamom or cinnamon (just a teaspoon will do).

You’ll have to completely mix all the components completely so that the blending is perfect and then transfer the mixture to a container or bag and secure the lid tightly to preserve it for future use.

You can make the container stand out from other items in the bathroom cupboard by pasting a label (with guidelines on using the blend) that has an aesthetic appeal. If you’re readying a mix to gift someone, then write the instructions lucidly and in as simple a manner as possible so that the recipient is able to make out what the souvenir is all about.

Some Other Methods of Preparing the Chocolate Milk Mix for Bath

Apart from the rudimentary preparation method mentioned above, there are many other ways of formulating your chocolate milk bath mix. The best thing about these recipes is that you can make them right in the cool confines of your home.

You’d just need to be cautious about two aspects. Firstly, you’ll have to perfectly blend all the components you’re using, and thereafter stock up the same by transferring the mixture to a container or glass jar that is airtight.

According to one recipe, you’d need a cup of dry milk powder, baking soda and vegetable glycerine (quarter cup each), half cup each of Epsom salt and cocoa powder, and one cup of honey.

You’ll have to mix the baking soda with glycerine and Epsom salt and thereafter add the cocoa powder and milk to this mixture. Store this concoction in a sealed container.

For making the bath, fill up the bathtub with lukewarm water and add a quarter cup of your chocolate milk bath mixture and then pour the cup of honey in the water. Let the honey dissolve fully and thereafter step into the bathtub. Immerse yourself from head to toe for fully soaking yourself and step out when the water becomes cold.

Get under the shower to thoroughly rinse yourself, and then dry yourself with a towel. For best effects, use a moisturizing lotion.

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