How To Make A Guy Want You

It is the dream of every girl to find her prince charming, to have someone who is crazy about them. Do you want your guy to be as crazy for you as you are for him? Then you are at the right spot. Love is a funny feeling, yet it can’t be forced. The other person should also feel in the same way as you feel about him, but out of his free will. They say, ‘’if you can’t change a person, then change the person’’, but how about changing your approach? This article will tell you how to make a guy want you.

This article is not only for those who are secretly harbouring a crush but also for those who are in a relationship and want to make it better by invoking the same kind of love and passion in the other person that you have. Love makes a person complete and hence it is very important for two people who are in love or are having a crush to be of the same mind. All you need to do is have an honest and genuine approach and the other person will be equally crazy about you and will always long to be with you.

Mentioned below are some ways in which you can make a guy want you and be crazy about you.

How to make a guy want you

1. Love Yourself

No tip on this earth can help you if you lack self confidence. Self confidence is built when you have complete knowledge about yourself. You need to know yourself first. Second you need to accept yourself with all the applause and flaws and then you need to love yourself. Before you show how awesome and lovely you are to the other person, you should know what you are.

By knowing yourself and loving yourself you get to a place where you are comfortable under your skin. Most people jump into a relationship without knowing what they actually want from it. Almost every one of us suffer from this problem, where we long for something, but when we get it we have no clue whatsoever to do with it. By knowing and loving yourself, you will never be insecure in your life, because you will always know what is right and what is wrong for you. Guys like girls who are not insecure.

2. Get his Attention

You have to get noticed before you can be liked. Try to get his attention whenever you are around him. In order to get his attention, you may have to bring in some changes. Changes are good in life and they help you to become better human beings. Get out of your old attires and try new outfits. Get a makeover with a new haircut or a different hairstyle. Make sure you don’t try weird things with your outfit and hairstyle. See to it that you are comfortable in it, because only when you are able to carry yourself better will the people notice your beauty.

When you see him, smile. A stare look will not help you get him to want you. Always wear a genuine smile as it will make you look approachable. Be always light hearted and often try to crack some jokes when you are around him. A good sense of humour will add bonus to your appeal and make him want to be around you more. Show interest in the things he likes, as it will help you to get to know him and also it will allow him to approach you easily.

3. Be Original

Be what you are and don’t show yourself to be someone you are not. In love it is very important for two people to love each other for the person they are. By showing interest in the things you like, you give yourself a chance to know the other person and respect him for what he is. Similarly, show your original self to the other person, so that he too can love you for what you are. By loving you for what you are mean accepting and loving you with all your flaws and good points.

Many times, people show themselves to be someone that they are not in order to get other person’s love. But the lifetime of such a love is often short-lived. Show your good points to him at the appropriate time and work on your bad points. You have some bad things that seems to hold you back from improving as a human being, then it is the right time to get rid of it.

4. Become his Friend

The very first step towards the golden city of love goes through friendship. Try to become his friend before you can become his soul mate. When you become his friend, you will get to know him better and also understand him better. Understanding plays a very vital role in any relationship. Love without understanding is sure to have a crash landing. Become his friend, win his trust.

Your friendship with him should be such that he could share almost anything that is in his mind. Slowly and steadily as time passes and you become his confidant, he will start liking your company more and before you know it, he may even propose you!

5. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue, observed by very few! If you want him to start liking you and eventually fall in love with you, then you need to be very patient. At times, you need to let the chips fall into its place. Try to know the person; don’t get too blind in love that you don’t see what is good for you and what is bad for you. Most of times, people jump into a conclusion for which they later regret. Although, love is beyond logic, take some time out in a day and try to think practically.

By being patient you will also get to know if the guy that you are madly in love with, is actually a genuine person or not. Be patient and when you feel the time is right, make your move.

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