How to Make a Guy Jealous

Sometimes you see your companion taking you for granted. There are those times when your guy simply does not return your call, or says he is too busy. Happened with you way too often? Well, this is a pretty normal affair. After a point most relations go through this. The girl comes out as the complete giver and most times she is available at all times. The guy would have other priorities, or maybe he has simply become indifferent. Well, there are ways to charm your guy back into the relation. You don’t always have to be there to charm him. Sometimes, the feeling of you not being there in the relationship could make him realize what he did. A little jealousy always helps. Try making your guy jealous to spice your romance.

How to Make a guy jealous

A Bitter Medicine

How about giving your guy a taste of his own bitter medicine? Whenever your guy is busy, he simply states it to you. His family at times becomes more important than you. When he is out with friends, he makes sure he tells you to call back later. Basically, you have been observing that he is giving you time at his convenience. How about giving him a taste of his own medicine? Go out with your friends and, show him you are having fun without him. When he calls you can receive it and say you will call back later. When at work, call yourself busy. Shower him with his own kind of love and convenience. This would make him jealous and, try to work hard at getting you again. This wonderful medicine always works.

Flirting: The Best Way

There’s no better way than flirting to get a guy jealous. A random guy hanging out with you would light that sparkle of jealousy in your guy’s mind. Try to flirt with a random guy. You don’t necessarily have to be wild for that. You just need to smile and laugh and be happy when with that guy. You would see a difference in the way your guy reacts to it. Jealousy would mark the signal of his not liking you being close to this other guy. You could even spark a rumour that there are some people, who think you are going around with some random guy. This would craze him out. You need to get noticed and, a little jealousy always helps in that.

Ignore Your Guy

Yes, this is going to be a bit difficult, but it always works the best. Whenever you see your guy, calm your urge to smile at him or wave at him. Ignoring works the best when you wish to make your guy jealous. This is especially true for new love where the guy is not ready to open up and share his love or feelings for you. When you see a friend sitting with your guy, wave a ‘hi’ at your friend and ignore your guy completely. This would blow his mind with jealousy and, your work would be done. Jealousy is the key to spice up romance back in your life. For new romances, jealousy allows the guy to express his feelings for you.

Competing Nature

Guys are very competitive. This is the best way to cause jealousy in them. When you start comparing your guy with some other random guy, he would grow jealous for sure. When your guy talks of sailing, you could probably say how your very good friend is better at sailing. Make sure you keep the tone and comparisons to the basics. Do not at any point hurt his ego. That is dangerous. Make your comparisons on a competitive angle where he gets jealous and not hurt. This would make your work easier. Any day comparing is the strongest potion for jealousy.

Compliment Your Male Friends

When you pay compliments to your male friends, you are inviting jealousy from your guy for sure. When you see that your friend has had a hair cut compliment on how it looks well on him. You could even suggest some great hairstyles to him. Suggesting and complimenting are devils that give way to jealousy. If your guy has been avoiding complimenting you ever, this act would definitely want him to compliment you. He would want to make himself seem better than the other guy. His efforts would be directed towards that.

Running the Busy Way

Keeping yourself busy throughout the day and, not giving him a chance to be with you could lead to jealousy too. When you are always busy, he would obviously run hard to get you. He would be on his toes to woo you and, would realize how important you are. Jealousy is one way of making him realize your worth and make him crave for you. It is a beautiful method indeed. You could even choose to have a girl’s night out on days that you would otherwise be free for him. Doing things like cleaning on days that are convenient for him to be with you would help you make him jealous and realize your worth

Hard to Get

Playing hard to get is the best way to get a guy jealous. Whenever he wants to be near you, you just seem away. You have suddenly become very desirable but, you are too far away from his reach. These are all signs that would make him jealous. The most important factor that would play well in such cases is your fitness. When you stay fit and healthy, you have started getting him to want you. At this time, you can make him woo you and, make it hard for him. When you dress up in a fashionable way, you are getting him attracted to you. This attraction game would help you him closer to you. The jealousy pangs when you play it hard would help release his emotions in a better way.

Follow these tips to enjoy a spiced up life. Get your life filled with romance!

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