How to Make a Guy Break Up With You

Are you struggling with your relationship? Does your boyfriend make you feel weird about yourself? Are you looking for some kind of reason to break up with him? Well, put a brake to all your tensions and relax. The art of breakup is not something that is very difficult. It is something that we all know, but still, fail to realise it. The comfort of being in a relationship is very sweet and soothing to your otherwise restless senses. But, when a relationship starts to suffocate you, then it is time for a serious thought. If you want to know how to make a guy break up with you, then read on, you will find new and exciting ways to do that.

Break up is something that most couples hate to go through. A word of caution: don’t break up if you can’t handle it. It is a painful sight to see girls binging on chocolates or getting addicted to social media to fill the loneliness and emptiness in them. If you want to go for the break up, make up your mind at once and do it. Life is too short for regrets. Make sure that you think and then abide by your decision.

There are different ways to make a guy break up with you. Most of the times, you don’t have to wait for any angel to give you any idea for that. The solution lies within your relationship. Here are some points or rather ways with which you can achieve your goal.

Breaking up

1. Know Your Soon-to-be-Ex Partner:

The best way to defeat your opponent is to know everything about him. Make a list of your boyfriend’s habits, his likes and dislikes. There must be some things that would make him very annoyed or irritated at you. You have to work on those weaknesses of his and then break up is next to follow.

The better you know him, the harder you can hit him. The best way to know him is by quietly observing him. Observation will help you to know how to go about with this break up thing. The more you know him, the easier it is going to be for you. Everything is fair in love and war, and in order to get rid of your boyfriend you need to find out his weakness and then attack it with full force.

2. Start Acting:

Once you know the weaknesses of your boyfriend, you can start acting accordingly. As you observe his daily habits, you will be surprised to know lot of new things which you otherwise didn’t know. However, it is no time to be surprised and you have to decide a plan of action to execute your plan.

As a girlfriend, you must be knowing some of the general things that every boyfriend dislikes. If you want to get rid of your boyfriend as soon as possible, then it’s time to bring in those deadly sins into practice.

3. Indifference:

There is nothing that can be more annoying than indifference to a guy. As you begin to show less interest to him and in his work, it will make him feel anxious in the first place and then irritated. If there is one thing on earth that no likes, it is indifference to someone. When you subject your boyfriend to this deadly-weapon, make sure you act very patiently.

4. Lack of Interest:

make him break-up

Avoid showing any kind of interest in his talk or in his actions. This really frustrates a guy, to see his girlfriend not responding to his actions. Whenever he tries to speak to you about anything, change the subject. Talk about any issue that is hardly relevant or important. When he sees you acting so weirdly and showing less interest in him, he too will lose interest in you and make the first move towards break up.

5. No Calls:

Most of the fights that couples have in a relationship are related to call issues. Questions like why didn’t you pick up my call? or I have been trying your number, where have you been? are the common and most fought over. This move is sure to make your boyfriend red with anger and frustrated and irritated to the core.

Whenever your boyfriend calls you, avoid answering his calls. Make him wait on the line as long as possible. The other deadly thing that you can do is by not calling him. Let hours, days and weeks pass by without you calling him. This will send a clear message to your boyfriend and is sure to make him wonder the reason for it. This will trigger him to make the decision by calling it quits.

Note: Some guys tend to be more understanding and might not take this action of your very seriously. In that case, please be persistent!

6. Jealousy:

This is the most deadly of all sins. Jealousy triggered the first murder in the history of mankind, and this will ensure the murder of your relationship. It is considered to be one of the best ways to have a break up. Your boyfriend is sure to get a high blood pressure after this. Talk to your friends or about your friends in front of him. Tell them how amazing and interesting they are and how your life has changed since you met him.

You can also talk about your exes or your crush (which is highly advisable). The moment you do that, it will surely make your boyfriend burn in the never ending fire of jealousy. Your efforts will be rewarded when you maintain the blows.

7. Avoid Him:

This last nail in the coffin will send a very loud and clear message to your boyfriend. The day you start avoiding him, he will know that you actually don’t want to be with him. Be prepared for lot of abuses, tears and drama from the guy. Guys usually feel very offended when they are subjected to this deadly disease of break up.

The moment they feel offended and have finished reacting, they will initiate the process of break up. You may be asked to return some of his gifts etc, but nothing tastes and smells better than freedom.

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